FAQ for Employers

What is MoBerries?

MoBerries is a AI-driven SaaS hiring platform. Capitalizing on network effects, all partner companies contribute to a shared talent pool consisting of high-caliber candidates seeking new opportunities. In exchange, partner companies receive a pre-ranked selection of exceptionally suited candidates from the entire candidate pool. Founded in 2015, MoBerries developed and honed its technology with a select group of customers referred by Europe’s leading VC Funds. In January 2017, it opened the new platform for corporate companies.

How does it work for employers?

In a nutshell, we utilize artificial intelligence to source, screen and hire actively looking candidates for open job positions by leveraging a shared talent pool of all member companies. In exchange, partner companies receive a pre-filtered and pre-screened selection of candidates from the pool. This win-win for the company and the candidate captures information which cannot be reflected on a CV – helping ease hiring while enabling candidates to increase their reach when sourcing new opportunities. MoBerries’ proprietary technology utilizes a next generation AI-based recommendation engine which takes into account HR manager feedback for ranking candidates. Feedback is collected on up to six major categories, and is used to further optimize the hiring process by enabling companies to receive candidates better tailored to the role faster, and retargeting candidates into roles more suited to their skillset.

What makes MoBerries unique / different?

MoBerries is unique in leveraging the perfect balance of AI-driven matching and real time batch analysis. What this means is that by combining our smart benchmarking and our partner pools we can batch process active seekers for new positions in real time. We have developed a system which cares about generating matches when companies and candidates need them most. We understand that attracting and utilizing top talent requires not only a match between their values and those of the organisation, but also an environment which aligns with their expectation for personal growth. We believe everyone is a top talent at something – it is all about matching them to the right position which aligns with their objectives. It is all about getting people into the right role that will fuel their growth and help them get closer to unlocking their overall vision for themselves. The next wave of matching technology is being driven by MoBerries, it is not about finding just any job but finding the job that best places the candidate for growth.

Which positions does MoBerries support?

Capitalizing on network effects we cover a wide variety of positions. These positions range from intern/working student to C-Level. Roles includes Product, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Design, Co-Founder, VC, and of course all Tech-related roles.

How do I join the network?

It has never been easier to join the network. Simply sign up, get approved into the network, and upload the job descriptions directly or through your Applicant Tracking System. You can then start contacting candidates of interest. Remember to include your unique candidate referral template in your rejection email – giving those candidates the opportunity to opt into the network for their job search. This template can be easily integrated with your email or ATS system.

What does sharing candidates mean and why would that be beneficial to me?

Sharing is truly caring, by referring your unsuccessful candidates you not only help them but also help yourself. Whenever your referred candidate opts into the network you are tagged as the source. This helps you in three ways: One, our system gets better tuned to your preferences, and hence more accurate at matching as it gains a better understanding of your candidate pipeline. Two, it gives the candidates a more positive hiring experience after the sometimes-intense interview process. Three, since we aim to track candidates along their career paths, this gives you an opportunity to get back to interesting candidates that may be lacking experience at present but will surely develop them in future.

Do I need to share all of my candidates?

Our platform presents a win-win opportunity. The element of sharing allows our system to be faster and more accurate in the automatic matching of CVs. Therefore, we strongly encourage all our partners to share / contribute all their rejected candidates.

How soon would I get candidates?

It varies depending on the particular job description. Some of our partners have learned the art of properly branding a JD to make them attractive, and are quick in providing feedback on their matches in the dashboard. This has enabled sourcing times of as low as a couple of hours for them.

How does the matching algorithm work?

Our algorithm analyzes and scores both candidate CVs and Job Descriptions on a range of factors. Apart from intrinsic factors such as skills, experience, and location preferences, extrinsic factors such as HR and candidate feedback are analyzed. The scoring benchmarks are constantly optimized in real time. The scores are then used to match and rank candidates for each job description.

Which candidate acquisition channels do you employ?

Apart from our main channel of partner referrals, we also employ standard social media, and candidate referral channels. In addition, our bot channel leverages the MoBerries AI to enhance the efficiency of its candidate acquisition.

What does candidate exclusivity mean?

This feature applies to companies actively sourcing in niche or limited supply domains. They are provided a window of opportunity where they can exclusively engage the most relevant candidates. This is particularly advantageous when recruiting in the fast-moving tech field.