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MoBerries' candidate sourcing creates an efficient recruitment process for your company. Let our technology match your open positions with pre-filtered, actively looking candidates from the largest shared talent network.
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How it works


Set-up Job Descriptions

Create job positions on MoBerries or import them from your ATS, add your detailed requirements and let our AI-based matching engine do the rest...


Review your applicants

You only receive candidate matches that are actively job seeking and undergo quality filters by our matching algorithm. Simply accept or decline your matches.


Interview and Hire

Communicate with accepted candidates in real-time, set up your interviews and organise all candidate matches within one unified platform.


Benefits of our Service

MoBerries Benefit


Streamlined screening and real-time candidate analysis with relevance scoring. On average, our partner companies make 1 hire within 10 matches!

MoBerries Benefit


We filter the best suited candidates and only recommend qualified, actively looking applicants for your positions.

MoBerries Benefit


You know best what works for your company. With your feedback, our algorithm is able to adapt to your needs and suggest better profiles.

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A better hiring experience, set-up your own private micro network and share candidates exclusively with your trusted partners and portfolio companies.

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Integrate seamlessly with your existing hiring tools. Import jobs from your ATS and let us send the profiles back or simply use your Slack channel.

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Choose the plan that best fits your needs. Whether you are scaling up or looking for that one key hire. We offer a variety of flexible subscription plans.

Featured Partners


What partners are saying

Jenny PuschHR Manager @ HOPF STRATGIE

It’s super easy, especially from the applicant’s perspective - I know it, I found my job here ;) Now I’m looking for new colleagues and a ratio of 5 out of 6 new employees found on MoBerries supports our decision to stick to it. It meets the needs of many job seekers and is a modern recruiting method hence I hope more and more people join it.

Michael LandGeneral Manager @ Ironhack

With the help of MoBerries we easily setup and publish new job descriptions and instantly have access too many interesting profiles. The screening and communication with the matched candidates is very convenient and efficient. We reduced both our recruiting time and fluctuation rate.

Our Talent Network

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Our Pricing Plans

Pay per Hire

Success based
Starting € 1.000 / Hire
    • Unlimited Job Positions
    • Unlimited Candidates
    • ATS Integration
    • Upgrade Anytime
    • Flat Hiring Fees


Flexible Subscription
from € 390 / month
    • From 3 Job Positions
    • Unlimited Candidates
    • 3 - 12 months duration
    • Free Trial
    • Pricing Calculator


For Corporations
Custom Pricing
    • Unlimited Job Positions
    • Unlimited Candidates
    • ATS Integration
    • Job Advertising Campaigns
    • Contact us

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