What is MoBerries?

MoBerries is an exclusive network of leading rapid-growth companies sharing their to-be-urgently-placed positions.

How does it work? What do I need to do?

Create your profile in seconds, upload your CV and start liking Jobs you are interested in. For more details see the How-to section.

What makes MoBerries different?

MoBerries gives you direct access to hiring managers of our network for openings requiring urgent fulfilment. No hiring fees.

What is in it for me as candidate?

Get several offers as fast as possible.

Who are your partner companies?

We work with a variety of startups, established digital leaders, influential corporates, Investors and Investment funds.

What are the main positions / functions you specialize in?

We aim to help the highest number of people as we possibly can, and hence, do not limit ourselves to specific job roles. Also, a company can need any role at any time! We cover all roles starting from intern-level all the way up to C-level ones. We cover all functional roles.

What do I do if I am interested in a partner company that does not have the desired opening for me?

You should join regardless. We work closely with our partners, and it is not unusual for them to express interest in profiles even if they do not have a related job description listed at that moment.

What open positions do you have?

Way too many to be listed here! Hundreds of new roles go live every single day.

Do I have to pay anything?

No, MoBerries is free for candidates.

Then how do you make money?

Companies subscribe to be part of the network.

When can I expect first results?

On average, candidates hear from us within the first 3 weeks. However, as long as you are active, we will keep hustling for you.

Can companies see my profile without me approving?

No! Your profile is shared only after you approve the company by liking their job opportunities.

How can I update my profile?

Log into your profile and edit settings.

After accepting a Match should I be proactive or should I just wait?

The HR Manager will contact you. You can like additional job offers on your dashboard in the meantime.

How do I recommend a friend and what do I get in return?

Simply send them the link to moberries.com - your friend’s gratitude will be your reward! ;)