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1. Sign up

2. Set-up Job Descriptions

3. Review your applicants

 Learn how to set up a free MoBerries trial. Pick a subscription plan that best suits your hiring needs.

Create job positions on MoBerries or import them from your ATS. Let our AI-based matching engine do the rest.

Simply accept or decline your matches. Communicate with accepted candidates, set up interviews and hire.

1. Head over to and fill in your information. We encourage you to leave us a comment detailing your hiring needs.


2. Our team will reach out to you with more information and prepare a 10 day free trial. You will receive your activation link through email. You can use it to set up your password.

3. At the end of your trial period, you can choose to upgrade your subscription. Click on Upgrade on your dashboard and select the options that best fit your hiring needs. Note that we offer a 10% discount for upfront payments.

If you do not upgrade your subscription, your trial automatically expires. (You do not have to cancel it).

4. Note that you can upgrade your subscription at any time. Adjust the amount of job slots, period of subscription and redeem your discount codes! Simply head over to the Subscription page (under your icon) and select the Upgrade option.

1. Get started on the platform by creating a job description. Head over to the Jobs tab and click on +Create job. Fill in your job title and description. 

Set-up your Job Descriptions

2. Click Next. Thanks to Meta Predictions, your preferences will be visible as job details. You can now edit them further.

Learn more about Meta Predictions here.

4. You can also import your Job Descriptions from your ATS. Contact your Partner Manager at for more information regarding your ATS integration.

3. In Jobs tab, you can organize your jobs by date created or title across different departments.

Click on the logos for more info. 

Current Integrations

1. You will find potential matched candidates on your dashboard. Some of your candidates will appear with special tags.

Review your applicants

3. You can accept or decline a match.

If you accept, the match is moved to your Intros. We recommend that you use our messenger or send a direct email to contact the applicant and set up an interview.

4. After the interview we ask for your feedback again. If you hired the candidate, click Hired. If the candidate was not the right fit for the position, click Reject

5. In Intros tab, you can sort your candidates by date (when they were matched) and job title. You can also view your Accepted and Hired candidates. 

If you decline, we ask that you provide us with feedback so that we can improve out matching algorithm. Learn more about Extended Feedback here.

Happy Hiring!

2. Click Review Now to access candidate's detailed information. Skills and preferences marked in red show a mismatch between candidate's profile and the job description.
Learn more about candidate overview here


Candidate is currently being considered by several companies


Candidate has been accepted by other companies


This candidate has directly applied for this position

From recruiter

This candidate was sourced by a member of our Recruiter Network


Candidate was recommended by a partner company.

In our Messenger, you can immediately preview CVs and easily search for candidates or filter conversations by the job position.

1. Click on your profile image and select Account Settings to edit your personal information & credentials.
Note you can also switch the platform language and select if you want to receive matching alerts here.


2. Click on your profile image and select Subscription to access detailed overview of your current subscription plan.

3. Click on your profile image and select Company Settings to access company profile information. Note that you can select here whether you wish to receive candidates from recruiters.

4. Click on your profile image and select Payments to access billing information. Under Cards, you can add and edit your credit card information.

5. We recommend you take advantage of our Departments feature to efficiently manage your team. By setting up departments you ensure that your colleagues are only taking care of matches and receiving notifications on jobs they are responsible for. Access your Departments by selecting Company Settings (under your icon) and the Departments tab. Here you can create and edit departments & assign managers.

6. In the Team tab, you can also manage your co-workers and admin roles. Invite new managers & monitor their invitations.

Note: Admins are not automatically assigned to all departments. If you are not seeing the field to assign a department, go back to the tab “Departments” and assign yourself to all departments. Go back to editing job descriptions and specify the department for each job.

Important note:

Please do not forget to edit all jobs and assign them to correct departments. Go to the tab “Jobs” and edit all job descriptions. You will find a field to specify the department under the language requirements.

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