Extended Feedback

Candidate feedback just got easier
Easily compare your job requirements against the candidate profile. You can now pinpoint the exact missing skills or preferences of your declined candidates. It allows you to improve your future matches.

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1. Select the candidate you wish to decline. Select the decline option. 

Leverage Extended Feedback

2. Scroll through the available options and choose the relevant ones. If you do not find the specific reasons in the questionnaire, you can always add a comment. You can pick as many reasons as you see fit. The minimum is one.

Faster than ever

Save time and energy by picking the exact elements of the candidate's profile, which did not match your job criteria.

Valuable Feedback

You and the candidate mutually benefit from the extended feedback. We analyze your feedback to provide you better suited matches in the future, while candidates learn which parts of their profile they could improve to streamline their future matches. 

Happy Hiring!

Note that the candidate does not receive your feedback directly.

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