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Slow Process

With average hiring time of over a month, high growth companies cannot fill urgent positions fast enough.

Low Quality Applications

Significant portion of the hiring process is spent revising CV-quality with many candidates dropping out in the middle of the application process.

High Cost

Head-hunters and recruiting agencies charge a hefty fee on top of the operational cost of the HR.

Problems Solution

Faster Hiring

No more waiting for a job board to generate results.
All candidates are active & have been reviewed by an experienced HR manager and the MoBerries AI quality filter.

Targeted Approach

MoBerries only matches candidates interested in the company who have the right skillset and experience for the position—even for non-traditional roles.

Reduced Hiring Cost

Industry-leading cost per quality applicant with an over 40% company acceptance rate for candidates.

  • Candidates’ & HR Managers’ feedback for quality scoring
  • NLP-based CV analysis
  • Relevance scoring based on experience & skillset
  • Real-time candidate profile analysis
  • Automated Bot (screening & competence analysis)
  • Department Management for more efficient teamwork  

What is MoBerries

MoBerries is a neural network based on interactions between HR managers and candidates, designed to streamline the hiring process.


For our VC & Corporate partners, we offer the micronetwork: the ability to share candidates exclusively within your portfolio, or across department. 

If you have a large team recruiting across a variety of positions, ask us about activating Department Feature for your recruiting team.

Contact us for more info partners@moberries.com

Current Integrations

We pride ourselves on our referral system which focuses on active job-seekers. 

Our Network of Candidates

Sharing is caring — partners recommend their unneeded candidates from outside our network. All candidates who opt-in are active and pre-filtered with feedback.

Referred Candidates

Our affiliate network of head-hunters and recruiters share candidates they did not staff, offering them real-time opportunities within the MoBerries network.

Recruiter Network

 We have reached network effects in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich & Frankfurt. 15% of MoBerries candidates are recommended by their friends who have found a job through MoBerries. Our chatbot, Jobbot.me, has 250k monthly users worldwide.

Organic Candidates & Jobbot.me

Candidate Sources

Designed for efficiency, our latest release introduces real-time candidate scoring. MoBerries AI automatically benchmarks the CV against the job description. The platform shows where candidates are an ideal fit and where they lack skills or characteristics — further streamlining your decision making process.

At a Glance

Parts in grey contain additional information provided by the candidate.

Information in green highlights compatibility with the job description.

Information in red shows a mismatch between the job description and the candidate's CV.

The Platform approves candidates with a minimum compatibility score of 42%, taking the guess work out of the hiring process.

Only suitable candidates

Now live: Candidate Scoring View

MoBot chat allows MoBerries to keep candidates active and engaged in the hiring process.

Candidates interact with the MoBot using Facebook Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp.

How do candidates use the MoBot?

You can search for jobs in selected locations, setup personalised job alerts and apply for jobs via messenger.

MoBot has a real-time approach, learning through experience. Interacting with candidates offers it the possibility to expand its knowledge in real time, ensuring better results for candidates.

MoBot — The engagement tool

300+ happy MoBerries customers

MoBerries is the perfect partner for Takumi to find top talents at scale. Through the innovative matching system MoBerries delivers candidates who are relevant to our specific hiring profiles. This helps us to keep up with our global hiring plans and grow efficient.

Chris Jungjohann

Head of Sales, Germany

MoBerries delivers a constant stream of high quality matches for employers. I am particularly impressed with the speed of responses and the access to local talent - not just in Digital but across a variety of roles. On top of all this, we feel very well looked after by the MoTeam and we look forward to new additions like our ATS integration.

Antonio Arias Lopez

Group Talent Acquisition Manager

We are convinced: MoBerries is the ideal platform to match suitable candidates with the right skills to our various job descriptions!
We are impressed!

Ana Walka

HR Manager

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