Exclusive Micronetwork

Companies invite all candidates into an exclusive shared talent network. Leveraging artificial intelligence, we automatically identify the best fitting candidates in the network for all of your open positions.
Matching is streamlined through your
 feedback and interactions on the platform.

Share within your portfolio

Streamline recruitment by integrating personalized referral links in your emails, in order to share candidates within your network at a click of a button.

Hire effortlessly

Take advantage of Germany's largest pool of shared candidates with real-time AI matching. On average, 10 matches result in a hire.

What is a Micronetwork?

Source great candidates

Offer promising candidates a chance to be pre-screened and hired within your private network. 

A personalized solution for Venture Capital Investment Funds, private equity firms & any portfolio of companies looking to optimise their recruitment through a streamlined candidate sharing network.

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Current Integrations

Post Job Descriptions and exclusively share candidates only from within your portfolio of companies.

One-size-fits-all solution

Exclusive Sharing – private network of the Venture Capital Investment Fund

Contact us for more info at partners@moberries.com

Need a larger variety of candidates? By becoming a MoBerries member, you can actively source candidates from outside your portfolio of companies.

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Sourcing – access more candidates

Pick the package that best suits your needs.


Do not miss out on great candidates you are unable to staff — recommend them to join your closed company network. 

Talent Retention

Take advantage of employer-branded landing pages for candidates shared by your portfolio companies.

White Label

Access your exclusive database of shared candidates visible only to your portfolio companies for 15 days.


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