Source more candidates

Our partnership with Personio enables you to expand your candidate acquisition capabilities by leveraging MoBerries network for more efficient sourcing.

Source more candidates

Leverage the sharing monetization to get additional job descriptions or services of a professional recruiter.

Earn by Referring

At no extra cost, show candidates that your brand cares. Help them find new opportunities within the network in real time. Every referred candidate helps us maintain the integrity of the platform.

Free Employer Branding

Currently available for partners using Personio ATS.

We are happy to announce our partnership with Personio. Our local partners can now benefit from the improved candidate sharing with special perks.

Discover the reasons why

Learn about the Personio integration in this in-depth guide

1. Get your referral code & template through the Personio platform.

How to refer using Personio?

2. Send the referral code to your unneeded Personio candidates.

3. Receive credits for every candidate who signs up & additional credits when they get hired. You can use your credits for a variety of MoBerries services.

Click button above for more detailed information about sharing and referring candidates.

Referred candidates sign up on the platform & receives an intro

1 credit = 1 euro

Use your credits to upgrade your MoBerriess ubscription package at no additional cost.

More Job Descriptions

Imagine financing your hires by recommending candidates

10 credits per candidate

Referred candidates gets hired

500 credits per hire

Drive down the price per candidate.

Recruiter Services

Use your credits to get

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