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Sales Manager (m/f/*)

IntermediateFull timeRelocation
German - Mastery
Customer ServiceClient PresentationPresentationsClosing skillsSalesNegotiation


Our Department:

  • Due to our investment in product I believe in having a small sales team
  • I look for people who are mission driven & aim to be the best version of themselves
  • You will primarily be working with Pauline our Senior Sales Manager
  • The sales people all work together as a unit but also have individual tasks  

Who are you:

  • You need no prior experience & I do not place much emphasis on degrees
  • If you are hungry and have a chip on your shoulder I want you
  • You speak/write in English & German fluently
  • I love self starters, people who see the bigger picture but can follow a plan
  • You listen & accept feedback, have thick skin and can handle rejection
  • You are enthusiastic and good at speaking to people
  • You are hungry to make something of yourself
  • You are tenacious, even if people try to keep you down you still got that fire

  Your Duties:  

  • Lead Sourcing 
  • Following up with non-responsive and old leads to schedule calls for Seniors
  • Work with the sales team on constant tracking & clean up of CRM
  • Daily Optimization of email CRM 
  • Calls (warm and cold)
  • Handle Adhoc tasks provided by Seniors

Why MoBerries Sales :

  • We will train you, thus why you need to be hungry & want it
  • I will not bs you with promises of we are a family, I will do my utmost to ensure you are developing as a person & professional
  • I admire hustlers the most, I can teach you everything but heart
  • We do not have a hunger games mentality where we set you against others, we succeed as unit and fail as one but you are expected to carry your weight
  • Sales is tough enough, we are KPI driven however all I ask is a honest, motivated effort


  • You need no experience other than being good at speaking to people and being fearless
  • It is an entry level salary as I will personally invest in training you
  • The role is meant for you to grow with us