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Redstone is a Venture Capital firm based in Berlin with the mission to adopt a data-driven approach to investment sourcing and analysis. We are building technologies that help us invest based on evidence and on a quantitative understanding of innovation. We are looking for a passionate Data Intern to join our team, to help us improve our proprietary data intelligence platform and to contribute to the core of our data-driven efforts.


• Be flexible and agile: work on short-term & high-impact data projects at the intersection of Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Visualization and Data Analysis to bring immediate value to the sourcing and analysis stages of the investment process.

• Be imaginative and collaborative: work closely with the data science team on the execution of our roadmap towards data-driven venture capital.

• We are a VC but also a startup. Be willing to occasionally take on data science tasks not directly related to your main responsibilities.

Your profile

• Intellectually curious, interested in the world of innovation and venture capital. What we are doing is a brave new world, and it requires learning new things along the way.

• Degree in Computer Science, Economics, Finance or related field.

• Proficient knowledge of Python and its standard data science libraries (pandas, numpy, scipy, etc).

• Experience in working with large datasets and relational databases (SQL).

• Experience in working with external APIs.

• Familiarity with standard natural language processing concepts and tools (NLTK, spaCy).

• Familiarity with basic scraping techniques (requests, Beautiful Soup, Scrapy, Selenium).

A plus but not essential:

• Work experience in sourcing and processing alternative data in the financial sector.

• Exposure to machine learning methods, including knowledge of standard tools such as scikit-learn, Tensorflow, Theano, Keras, PyTorch.

• Experience with Hadoop and/or Spark.

What we offer

• Mentorship, training and interaction within tech and investment teams. We want you to grow as you help us growing.

• Opportunity to become a full-time member of the tech team at the end of the internship.

• Informal, fun environment composed of a young diverse team.

• Office space in one of the nicest parts of Berlin.