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Web3 Systems Architect

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English - Advanced
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About Us

Curve Labs is a team of design and development interventionists architecting distributed solutions for the future economy. We tackle systemic challenges of the Anthropocene by creating, combining, and integrating modular open-source technologies to form organizations more than the sum of their parts.

The Lab, which launched early 2020, is a registered German limited liability company (GmbH) headquartered in Berlin. Our work currently covers three domains:

We are a design and development agency that works with organizational web3 primitives to create blockchain-native organizations, a.k.a. “DAOs.” Our clients include an activist coop, a decentralized finance application, and a sustainable development network. We are social activists, creating and advocating for web3 solutions in regenerative finance, data sovereignty, and distributed energy systems. We aim to build holistic cyberphysical systems that simultaneously address social and ecological crises. We are hands-on technologists who create infrastructural web3 building blocks, such as identity and reputation modules, smart wallets, and version control systems. We understand that these primitives are crucial for mass distributed technology adoption. Altogether, Curve Labs is an exciting and diverse collaborative network of passionate domain experts navigating the razor edge of innovation. Join us.


What we’re looking for

  • 2+ years of experience with Web3/decentralized systems; ideally in production. Candidates must be Web3-native.
  • Solid conceptual understanding of full stack software development including system architecture, web infrastructure, and database design.
  • Formal education, such as a Master’s degree, in economics, econometrics, mathematics, systems engineering, finance, or similar fields.
  • Experience with modeling software, e.g. a python-based simulator like cadCAD or a lo-fi modeling tool like Machinations.
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills and comfort working across different cross-functional teams in a fast-growing ecosystem. Highly responsive to system-related communications.
  • Ability to independently propose, plan and execute on a project given a loosely defined scope and roadmap
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills. Can explain complex technical concepts in understandable terms to downstream resources, such as product designers or developer staff.
  • Strong writing skills — proof of LaTeX and schematic/diagramming experience. Bonus: contributor to at least one journal-published paper.
  • Ideally based in Berlin, or close to the CET timezone. Candidates more than six hours away from CET will not be considered.


What you’ll do

  • You’ll be situated between the research team (upstream) and designers/developers (downstream). As such, you’ll translate high-level theory to low-level implementation by providing architectural specifications downstream. You will formalize and own this process, speaking the language of different domain specialists in both directions.
  • You are the central node for all systems related inquiries, ensuring knowledge flow to rest of the team. You present Web3 system designs in a timely, understandable fashion, minimizing back and forth.
  • You model and communicate about dynamic systems thereby working closely with engineers, product managers, and designers to help define business logic, protocol/product requirements and problems. You support the hard work of economic modeling associated with technology or financing innovations with analytical, experimental, or model-based assessment
  • You collaborate with designers on User Stories.
  • You actively learn and research various fields related to Web3 technologies
  • Bonus: Experience writing blockchain smart contracts (e.g. Solidity) or other coding languages and tools.


This job is a great fit if...

  • You can work autonomously. You love proposing ideas and bouncing them off of people, and you’re comfortable working in a loosely structured team.
  • You want to work with people that care. Working at the labs is a vibe. We’re not just looking for someone to fill a role; we’re looking for someone who wants to vibe with us.
  • You care about developer handoff. You love going the extra mile to make sure that files handed off to developers are deliberate, consistent, and well documented.
  • You are organized. You are a fan of solid documentation and keeping your files tidy in a way that makes sense for designers and developers.
  • You love experimenting. Web3 is an emerging field, and programming patterns haven’t converged into best practices yet. Best practices are great, but the willingness to experiment goes a long way. Embrace your hacker spirit.
  • You love learning. We’re building new markets and economies with fundamentally different technology. The best designers are good storytellers, and curiosity about economics, blockchain, and regenerative finance will help you craft better narratives.


What you’ll get

  • A competitive salary.
  • A unique and creative office space in Berlin for creating and hacking.
  • A leadership team that embraces creativity and gives you space to explore and grow.
  • Coaching in blockchain, web3, economics, regenerative finance.
  • A welcoming and inclusive culture where team members can collaborate, unite around a common goal, and take pride in doing the best work of their careers.