The world's local community: Jodel is the community that shows you what's happening in your area in real-time and updates you on what’s going on around you. You'll see the most recent posts (we call them Jodel) and connect with people nearby. By up/down voting users Jodels, you have the power to decide what your location is talking about. Share and catch-up on news, events, funny experiences, discussions, and jokes faster than ever, collect Karma points and become a master in jodeling! We created Jodel to let you instantly connect, share, and engage with the community around you. We’ve built thriving local communities across Europe and continue to expand globally and deeper within our existing markets. With more than 6 million posts per day, we are thrilled to have one of the industry’s stickiest products. Jodel consists of a team of young and smart people from 14 different countries, dedicated to create a sustainable and influencing social media app with millions of passionate users. Our culture is laid back, yet ambitious. We call open & humble, clever & bold, playful & friendly our core values and got recently voted one of the hottest startups in Berlin ( Looking forward hearing from you!