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AdDefend is the market leader for online reachability. As a strategic partner, the company enables its customers to discover the full potential of their reach and their online campaigns with maximum efficiency. Through the successful development and use of in-house software solutions and many years of cross-industry marketing expertise, AdDefend makes it possible to effectively address target groups that are no longer reachable due to technical barriers. Internationally operating publishers, agencies and advertisers count on AdDefend when it comes to exploring the maximum potential of online campaigns in order to address new buyer groups as well as reactivating existing target groups. This improves campaign KPIs such as visibility and click and conversion rates. The success is measurable: Customers from a wide variety of industries discover new sales potentials and achieve an increase in net reach of more than 20 percent. AdDefend was founded in 2015 and works with an international team in Hamburg. More than 230 premium advertisers and leading publishers already rely on AdDefend.