finleap is Europe’s leading fintech ecosystem. It has been founded as a company builder with the mission to reshape finance together. Our goal: that our 100% digital financial solutions will be integrated in 80% of all financial services used in Europe. To achieve this goal, the company builder evolved to the finleap abc, consisting of business units: finleap assets, finleap build and finleap connect. Together these three business units create added value to its partners due to its access to seed capital, a network of investors, innovative fintech products and services, collaboration with experienced entrepreneurs and tech talent. finleap connect is the most recent addition to the finleap abc. It has emerged of joint forces of fintech companies: figo/finreach, infinitec solutions, Reload Finance, and the sales and communications teams of finleap. The company is maximizing the potential of the finleap ecosystem by offering a full range of leading fintech solutions and research & development (R&D) to financial institutions across Europe. Products range from stand-alone micro products to all-in-one solutions, depending on the clients’ requirements and their digital maturity. Our focus lies now on the international growth, which is led by experienced fintech experts in France, Italy and Spain. Currently finleap connect has offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Milan, Paris and Madrid.