We’re an online company that funds B2B investment purchases. Our goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses gain more financial flexibility and thus have the opportunity to grow. We pay suppliers in advance, then the customer pays the invoice with us flexibly within 180 days. The process is simple, fast, paperless and our fees are affordable. Therefore, our product is the ideal alternative to a loan at a bank. As a fintech startup based in Berlin, we combine quality and experience with innovation and fresh ideas. Teamwork is a high priority with us and we don’t spare any effort to achieve the best possible user experience: straightforward, friendly and without unnecessary specialist jargon. We are building the core team right now and are truly looking for high-performing talents who are willing to shape the future of fintech. We encourage you to go one step further and grow together with our team. If you like what you read, reach out to us!

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