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Success Stories

Roman Kirsch
MoBerries is fast and efficient - it provides earnest support to any company looking to staff people who will fit their roles.
Samuli Siren
Redstone Digital
We have been utilizing MoBerries for our internal hiring needs as well as for our network of portfolio companies and partners. Fast hiring, top quality candidates, great service. A must have SaaS network for Venture Capital Funds.
Roland Droste
We are gaining valuable candidates through a smart, intelligent, and innovative recruitment network – that´s great. What is even more impressive is the management and appreciation of the candidates. This permits us to help our candidates and create value for them as well as the network. Both thanks and respect.
Laura Duve
Rheingau Founders
The strategic partnership with MoBerries is an enormous asset for us! I highly appreciate their 24/7 support, flexibility & communication! This type of commitment & passion is what I love to see in HR. They understand my hiring needs & generate matching leads - especially for our new ventures it is an incredible added value!
  • Roman Kirsch
  • Samuli Siren
    Redstone Digital
  • Roland Droste
  • Laura Duve
    Rheingau Founders
  • BASIConly for startups
  • € 349/mo

  • Up to 3 Job Positions

  • Unlimited Candidates

  • Free Trial
  • 12 month duration
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  • ENTERPRISE500€ onboarding fee
  • Custom Pricing*

  • Unlimited Job Positions

  • Unlimited Candidates

  • ATS Integration
  • Job Advertising Campaigns
  • 12 month duration
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** Special offering available for Venture Capital Firms and Non-profit Organisations

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