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Anne Kümmeke
MoBerries’ biggest advantage is its private community. So they are able to rely on recommended profiles within their network.
Constantin Tosch
Rheingau Founders
The close relationship between HR recruiters & MoBerries is special. Matching candidates with interesting positions based upon their unique abilities makes MoBerries outstanding within the recruiting business.
Anne-Laure de Noblet
MoBerries is very pro-active & comes to you with tons of relevant job offers. The whole process is fast & uncomplicated.
Nicolás Camilo Sierra Robles
Payer’s Insights
MoBerries is unique because they offer you a position that fits your skills, and offer the companies a candidate that fits their requirements.
  • Anne Kümmeke
  • Constantin Tosch
    Rheingau Founders
  • Anne-Laure de Noblet
  • Nicolás Camilo Sierra Robles
    Payer’s Insights

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