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Our History

We founded MoBerries 2015 to revolutionize the old-fashioned recruitment business.

Recruiting in our time has evolved into human capital management; (HCM) entails the practices organizations use to attract, recruit, train, develop and retain the best employees to achieve short- and long-term objectives.

Our purpose is not just value creation for job seekers and employers — it is to re-shape the global labor market itself with a focus on tackling the modern hiring challenges of our time, labor shortages, uptraining, and reskilling. Our focus is on the first mile of the hiring funnel, helping companies build sustainable human capital pipelines which reflect the changing dynamics of today’s workforce. We do this by empowering stakeholders to make decisions that help them tackle their unique challenges.

Our founders

MoBerries Benefit

Terence Hielscher

Managing Director

MoBerries Benefit

Mo Moubarak

Head of Business Development

Our mission and vision

At MoBerries, we are developing tools to navigate the plethora of choices that seem to characterize the sourcing experience, helping them become more efficient in the discovery, engagement and hiring of talent. We believe that great technology should allow practitioners to be high-tech without losing a sense of high touch, human interaction is what drives growth as at the end of the day we are in the business of helping other human beings thrive.

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Help people efficiently identify opportunities in the talent market.

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To become THE Choice for enabling efficient talent acquisition.


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