Applicant Management – How it works and how MoBerries can support you

Managing talent is essential for a companies performance – To manage talent however, talent has to be brought into the company first.

Whether you are a young startup or an established corporate – recruiting is a crucial factor for success in each and every company. The often short supply of qualified candidates and the costly and time-intensive selection procedure poses a challenge for recruiting personnel. Managing talent is essential for a companies performance – To manage talent however, talent has to be brought into the company first.


Managing talent includes all personnel procedures within a company which aim at filling positions with qualitative long term employees. It is an essential part of Human Ressource Management and mainly developed through the increasing “war for talent” on the job market. Due to the different demands of companies which are dependent on the branch they move in and the product or service provided, talent management can be seen as a dynamic factor. It has to be developed within the company itself and continuously adapted throughout the growth of the company. To efficiently manage talent, it is important to bring qualitative talent into the company first. Applicant management is a modern tool within talent management to find candidates who are fitting for open positions and to administer all steps a candidate has to go through before they are hired. This includes the collection of applications, a pre-screening and pre-selection of candidates, an invitation to an interview and the final step in the form of an offer or a rejection.


Employees are what drive a company and therefore, a crucial factor when it comes to the success of a company. Applicant management is responsible to meet the personnel needs of a company, in terms of quantity, quality, time and place. It includes all actions and processes which concern the handling of open positions and the applying candidates. Especially when it comes to bigger companies and corporates, who receive a vast amount of applications and thus also data, Application Management is also responsible to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. With an efficient Applicant Management, you can save time and cost while also increasing the quality of candidates. An expedient Applicant Management, however, should not only reduce the time and cost per hire and increase the efficiency of internal processes, it can also be utilized to effectively manage the employer brand outwards. A good relationship with applicants is an essential basis for a formative employer brand and has a direct impact on the companies reputation. Many companies struggle to handle candidates accordingly and communication is often rather sluggish. The success of a company's Applicant Management is measured against the user experience of their applicants. 


Every company needs a well structured recruiting process. For start-ups and small companies this can pose a challenge since there is often no dedicated HR or recruiting department. Especially for start-ups however, it is essential to find qualitative employees fast, without spending too much resources on the search. Big companies or corporations often support their applicant management through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). An ATS is a software which enables the electronic handling of recruitment and hiring needs. An ATS can take over, simplify and streamline many tasks. Posting open positions, handling incoming applications, pre-screening and pre-selecting candidates and initiating the first contact – It is designed to organize and speed up the hiring process. The overflow of unqualified candidates and the lack of enough relevant applicants however, is not solved by using an ATS. 

How we can help you!

Whether you are a small or a big company, a start-up or a corporate – MoBerries actively helps you to build your applicant management. To small companies and start-ups, MoBerries offers, beyond the automated applicant sourcing, a viable alternative to costly applicant tracking systems. On our platform, you can collect incoming applications from all MoBerries candidates, screen them and administer all following steps connected to the hiring process. 

For big companies and corporates, MoBerries offers integration into every ATS. Safe the time needed to retrain employees by enabling them to keep on using the same ATS as before. MoBerries collects and filters actively looking candidates across all channels to connect them with your open job positions.

A job posting will be created for every open position, which will go live on the MoBerries platform. The required skill profile that lies behind the job posting will be matched against all candidates within the MoBerries network. The matching AI will only show you relevant candidates. In the next step, you can select from the already pre-filtered candidates either on our MoBerries platform or directly in your current ATS. 

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