Candidate Smart Filter

Save time screening candidates.

  • Source up to 34% faster by prioritizing the most relevant candidates
  • Connects directly to your Applicant Tracking System

MoBerries Candidate Smart Filter

Prioritizes the most relevant candidates

Our neural network-based filter saves time by learning from candidate interactions and prioritizes the most fitting applicants when sourcing from across the market.

MoBerries Talent Engine compares the requirements of open positions with the skill sets of incoming applicants and filters for the most relevant ones.


MoBerries Benefit

Save time

Source up to 34% faster by prioritizing the most relevant candidates for the interview.

MoBerries Benefit

Strengthen your pipeline

Add the best fitting candidates to your hiring pipeline from the strongest performing channels.

MoBerries Benefit

Easy integration

Easily integrates into any pre-existing system or can be used as a stand-alone system.

How does our matching works?

Candidate filter

MoBerries matching-AI uses information about skills and preferences provided by applicants during the sign-up process. The resulting profile gets compared with the requirements of your company’s open positions. If there is a high matching rate, the candidate can check your open position and then apply with a single click.

Stockup potiential candidates

When the candidate accepts your job, they now appear in your applicant tracking system or in your MoBerries dashboard. From here, you can view his profile and accept or decline his application.

Efficient algorithm

When you decline an application, our system will ask you for brief feedback. This feedback process helps our talent engine determine which candidate profiles you are searching for. With every candidate interaction, our smart candidate filter becomes more accurate and more efficient.


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