Extended Feedback

Give us your candidate feedback & help our system learn.

By giving us your reasons for rejecting the candidate your future candidate matches will be improved.

Help candidates improve by giving them anonymized feedback.


Leverage Extended Feedback

Faster than ever
Select the elements of the candidate's profile which did not match your job criteria.

Valuable Feedback
You and the candidate mutually benefit from the extended feedback. We analyze your feedback to provide you better-suited matches in the future, while candidates learn which parts of their profile they could improve to streamline their future matches. 

Giving feedback has never been so easy

Two steps - everyone profits

1. The candidate does not meet your requirements? Click on decline. Now a list of feedback reasons opens, through which you can give us feedback on the candidate.

2. Scroll through the available options and choose the relevant ones. If you do not find the specific reasons in the questionnaire, you can always add a comment.

Please be sure to provide your full feedback. We do not share this directly with candidates. Instead, we collect the feedback from all companies. As soon as more than five companies have given the same feedback to a candidate, we play this anonymously to the candidate.

Do you have any questions?

If you still have questions don’t hesitate to contact your partner manager via partners@moberries.com! In addition, you will find more information in our FAQs.