GDPR – Data Protection for Companies and Candidates

Data Protection is a human right – this is how we see it. In fact, we don't use Data Protection as a buzzword, we live it! That's why MoBerries platform is 100% GDPR compliant.

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GDPR – The new Data Protection law

In our digital world, Data Protection is more important than ever. 32% of all asked persons said, that they changed their digital activities because of GDPR.

We at MoBerries believe, that the fear of the new Data Protection laws is not justified. GDPR is nothing one has to be worried about, we rather see it as an opportunity to strengthen the connection between the customers and the companies. That's why our platform is 100% GDPR compliant.

Data Protection for Companies

Recommendations of applicants and review of applicant profiles:


People get a recommendation to apply to MoBerries and can then create their profile on MoBerries. This profile is only forwarded to companies for which the person has actively applied.

The forwarding takes places in two ways:

  1. Profiles are displayed on a MoBerries tool, which the company can access.
  2. Profiles are pushed directly to the applicant tracking system of the companies

In both cases, the person gives their consent and the data is treated as so-called joint controllers in data protection law, which means that customers do not need a data processing contract, but an agreement on joint responsibility for data processing is recorded in writing

Data Protection for Candidates

The protection of personal data and its handling is very important to us. Therefore, we collect, process and use personal data only in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and replenishing national law. In our commitment to transparency, an appointed data protection officer is advising and supervising our company’s implementation of the GDPR.

Every person in our search engine can receive a copy of his/her profile and the overall collected information about him/her. If a person realises that their own profile is incomplete or that the objective information about the person or the corresponding company is wrong, we will complete, correct or remove the profile at your request.

After we have received adequate evidence about the authenticity and accuracy of the information that needs to be changed, and if the request matches our quality criteria and internal policies about compilation and accuracy of information, we will accept your request and will complete, correct or remove the information.