This is how our Matching works

  • Actively-looking candidates only
  • Prefiltered applicants to perfectly meet your demands
  • Matching-AI learns through feedback
Top Applicants:

Here you can see the candidates, who have a very high matching score with your job description. Do you want to use MoBerries as efficient as possible? – Check your “Top Applicants” regularly.

Other Applications:

Here you can see other candidates who have an averagely high matching score with your open position. Use the tab “Other Applications” to see even more potential candidates to fill your open position.

How our matching works:

MoBerries matching-AI collects and filters candidates across all channels (job boards, social media, recruiters, etc.) and connects them with your open positions. During this process, there will be a job description for every open position live on the MoBerries platform. Behind every job description lies a job profile that includes all requirements. In the following step, the matching-AI collates this profile with all candidate profiles within the MoBerries network. If a certain matching score is reached between the candidate profile and the requirements of your job description, the candidate will be able to see the open position as a match and either decline or accept it. If the position is accepted, the active applicant will be passed on to you.

In the next step, your Hiring Managers have to either accept or decline the application. If a candidate is declined, a company is required to give feedback regarding the reason, and if a candidate is accepted, this will be valued as positive feedback. This process helps our matching-AI to figure out which candidate profiles you prefer and with every feedback, our algorithm gets more accurate and efficient.