MoBerries' Must-Have Feature

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  • More accurate matches
  • Less effort while pre-screening candidates
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What is the goal behind this feature?

Better Matching

The goal of this feature is to increase the quality of the matches. By defining the must-have experience, we exactly know what profiles are relevant for your job. Creating accurate matches should lead us to more introductions and more hires.

What is the the Must-Have Feature and how does it work?

With this feature, we aim to provide you with more accurate candidate profiles for your job postings on MoBerries.
When creating a new job offer, you have the possibility to specify the desired work experience as well as the level of experience of the potential applicants you wish to be matched to your job. Currently, you can select up to 5 experiences to apply for this role. With the Must-Have Feature, we want you to tell us, what experience is a must for this role and what can be considered as optional. Once you mark the experiences as must-have, initially we send you only the applicants that meet the required experience. In case, our candidate pool does not contain the profiles with the must-have experience, then we match you with the candidates who bring the expertise in the optional fields.

Do you have any questions?

If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact your partner manager via! In addition, you will find more information in our FAQs.