Meta Predictions for Job Details

Save time on job creation

Our platform automatically assigns job details by leveraging predictive AI to analyze information found in your job description and title.


Use Meta Predictions

Streamlined Job Creation
We help you create a complete job description in seconds so that you can concentrate on hiring.

Better Matching
Our Meta Predictions help interpret the requirements of your job so that our platform matches your open positions to the most suitable candidates.

How it works

1. Head over to your MoBerries dashboard, select the Jobs tab and create a new job. Fill in your job title and description.

2. Click next. Thanks to Meta Predictions, your preferences will be visible as job details. You can now edit them further.

Location is based on your company location, specified in your profile. 

Skillslanguagesrequired experience, etc. are predicted from your job description & title.

Any questions?

Our team will be happy to answer any questions!