Upskill & Retrain yourself with our partners

Find out what training opportunities MoBerries partner network can offer you.

Tech Skills


You are looking for upskilling possibilities in JavaScript, HTML and CSS? UX/UI Design was always interesting to you but you never found the right start? Or do you want to try something new, but you still lack the necessary skills in Data Analytics?

Visit the website of our partner Ironhack and inform yourself about their bootcamps to start your career in Tech!

For more information about Ironhack, also visit our blog.


Language Skills

You want to learn a new language or improve your existing language skills? Then first consider which medium you prefer for your further education. Would you prefer to take a classic course and make progress together with a class? Then find out on the Internet whether and where there is a language school near you. Or are you open to a digital alternative? There are numerous platforms and apps that make it possible to learn a language or improve your knowledge even when you are on the road. In the future you will also find our partners for this on this page.

Other Skills

You are interested in other topics and would like to learn more? Our blog offers you the perfect start! Also visit our social media pages for more information about upcoming webinars.