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Match with your ideal career: MoBerries' Job Preference Feature

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In today's fast-paced work environment, it can be difficult to find a job that fits your individual needs and interests. On the other hand, in the current job market, employers are desperate to find candidates with specific skills and experience to fill their open positions.

To counter this issue, it is critical that employers and candidates are aligned. For this reason, MoBerries has introduced a new feature that makes matching even more accurate. In this article, we will take a closer look at the feature and explain how it will help candidates find a suitable job even faster and more effectively in the future.

New feature to support career changers

Through MoBerrie's newest candidate feature, candidates can indicate their certifications and licenses when creating their profile to improve matching with jobs that match their skills.

This is an exciting update for candidates looking for a job in a new industry or field. We want to make it easier for our candidates to move laterally and give them the opportunity to show us the direction they would like to take in the future, so we can support them in their development there.

Providing certificates and licenses allow candidates to be connected to positions that do not correspond to their previous positions. However, it is important for candidates to specify the type of job they are seeking to ensure that the upskilling they have completed is relevant to the position. This makes lateral moves and career changes even easier with MoBerries. 

Accurately provide information about your licenses or certificates by filling out your professional details on our platform. Next, select your current job preferences from our list of available job positions. Our platform's matching algorithm will check if you have relevant experience or upskilling (certificates) for the selected roles. Based on the match, we will connect you with job openings that fit your profile and career preferences.

Find your ideal position

Another update that the feature brings with it is the specification of up to 5 desired positions.

When creating a profile on MoBerries.com, it is now possible for candidates to specify five desired positions that fit into the candidate's field of activity or would be suitable for them. Our matching takes these wishes into account and checks the experience or certification of the applicants.

We understand that some candidates may be seeking to transition into a new field or industry, and may have completed relevant certificates or training, but may not yet have direct experience in the desired job role. In such cases, we offer junior positions in the respective area, and support candidates in gaining valuable practical experience to progress their careers further. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, MoBerries thus offers candidates new orientation options and actively helps them to build their desired career - no matter in which direction they want to develop.

Future-proof with MoBerries

A Bureau of Labor Statistics study found that workers ages 25 to 34 had been employed for an average of 2.8 years in January 2022. This is significantly less than the average tenure of workers aged 55 to 64, which was a full 9.9 years. These statistics show a clear trend: job hopping is and will remain more popular than ever, and companies are having great difficulty finding skilled workers who want to commit to a company for the long term. That's why every applicant that a company can attract is important today. Even lateral entrants make up a large percentage of this.

MoBerries is not only an intelligent job platform, but also a career companion. In the future, MoBerries wants to offer applicants the opportunity to pursue their dream job and, if they lack qualifications, to obtain them through special training. Not least for this reason, the new feature is an important step in the right direction. MoBerries is set to become a central career platform where talented people not only find jobs but also develop their careers. Our latest feature paves this way and already offers our candidates the possibility to store in their profile in which direction they want their career to develop.

Our primary goal is to develop the employees of tomorrow. Only by continuously developing our platform will we be able to meet the challenges of the future. 

Are you looking for an opportunity to start your career? Sign up for free on MoBerries.com and receive job offers that match your skills. No scrolling through countless job postings, find what really fits you.

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