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Salary Negotiations: 5 Things You Should Not Say

Whether you already have a job and you feel like you deserve a raise, or you are just starting a new job and have to negotiate your pay, salary negotiations a ...

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Advent Giveaway – We have a winner

Christmas is coming closer and of course, we want to give something back to our loyal Instagram followers. Starting with the first Sunday in Advent, our fans  ...

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MoBerries Sales Notes: Lesson #1 – Know your product

Have you ever had a purchase experience where you felt like you knew more about the product than the salesperson? This could happen at the car lot, real estat ...

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HR Managers under pressure – How they deal with it and what they can do about it

As middle managers, HR professionals often find themselves trapped between two different worlds. Unsatisfied employees exert pressure from below, from above t ...

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MoBerries Giveaway – October 2019

With Halloween right around the corner, we decided to do a little giveaway on our Instagram Channel. The prize was our Pumpkin Orange MoBerries Hoodie and the ...

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