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MoBerries' Interview with Expertlead (Part 1/2)

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Expertlead is an HR tech company that is revolutionizing IT recruiting by helping companies find, evaluate and hire the right tech experts. Expertlead develops technology to automate every step of the recruiting process and give clients access to great professionals. Founded in 2018, the Berlin-based company stands out for its high density of remote employees around the world. In this interview, we aim to pull back the curtains and let you better get to know Expertlead.

Describe Expertlead's value proposition

Our values were developed bottom-up with all employees in 2021 and have since been integrated even more strongly into everyday working life:
#aimhigher: We are ambitious. We are fast. We aim to get done what others can’t.

#teamup: We are equals and have no egos. We know we share the same goals and can only achieve them together.

#trustme: We are transparent. We trust each other. We bring out the best in everyone.

#beyourself: We treat every individual with the greatest respect. We live diversity to the fullest.

How would you describe your team mentality?

Our team mentality aligns strongly with our values: We have a big vision: to revolutionize tech recruitment. We work together to achieve this goal. We act as a team because we know that we cannot achieve the goal as individuals. Therefore, we support each other on the way to get the best out of each other. We trust each other and are transparent in our communication, so a hybrid set-up (optional remote set-up) works perfectly for us. We encourage everyone to challenge the status quo and bring in new ideas. Our open feedback culture is a key to success, which is why we have fixed processes (quarterly structured feedback with the manager) in addition to everyday feedback. Feedback is very important to us. On a quarterly basis, employees give structured feedback (including upward feedback (manager's assessment) as well as 360° feedback). We also have semi-annual development reviews and a quarterly NPS survey (happiness survey).

We also host monthly Q&A sessions and bi-annual "ask me anything" sessions with our founders (in addition to our 2 founders being in the same room as us anyway and present at events, we find that organized formats can be beneficial here as well).

What does Expertlead offer its employees? Are there special team activities?

We write trust in capital letters: We believe that our talents do not have to let their center of life be determined by others, but should be able to choose freely. Our employees from Germany have the option to work for up to 6 months from other European countries.

We love to celebrate our successes and meet regularly both onsite and online. We always look forward to our monthly team event: either remote, hybrid or in Berlin (e.g. Diwali, as we also celebrate international holidays), Bingo Night, Health Week, Pride Week) as well as our monthly sports event in Berlin (e.g. Volleyball, Bouldering, Paddle, Tennis, Soccer).

Our summer & Christmas parties in Berlin, where all Expertleaders get together, are a highlight every time.

Random coffees, new joiner lunches & coffees to connect additionally take place several times a month.

We use our Berlin office, which is very modern, has a balcony with a great view, a ping pong table, table soccer and a beer tap. Free drinks, snacks and fruit are of course included.

What makes Expertlead unique as an employer?

The people: We are a great team that supports each other through all challenges, is there for each other, grows together and especially does not lose the joy in the process.  We have a lot of fun together. 

What does a working day at Expertlead look like? (Which working environment? Which challenges?)

This is difficult to define, as it can be very team-specific.

We work together remotely a lot. Each employee has clear goals through our OKRs and KPIs and can largely think for themselves how to achieve them. A typical workday is a mix of meetings with teams, cross-teams, managers, project work and communication via Slack. Sharing gifs and memes is also part of it, of course.

If you need support, no matter from which team, everyone is helpful and always has an open ear for each other at and outside of work.

What are Expertlead's main characteristics that a good applicant needs to have?

Cultural fit: Does the potential employee represent our values? Can we imagine that it would be fun to work with this person?

Motivation & intelligence: Does the person believe in our vision and have the motivation and drive to help us achieve the vision? Is the person smart?

Proactivity: Expertlead is 4 years young and still a small team. Therefore, we need people we can trust, who show initiative and pitch in to make Expertlead better every day. We are looking for people who bring their own ideas.

Are you interested in HR tech? Then discover numerous jobs at Expertlead. It’s easy without a cover letter and 100% free of charge.

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In the second part of our case study with Expertlead – which will be released next week – you will learn how exactly MoBerries supports the innovative company in recruiting.

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