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MoBerries Sales Notes: Lesson #1 – Know your product

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Have you ever had a purchase experience where you felt like you knew more about the product than the salesperson? This could happen at the car lot, real estate office, furniture store or practically anywhere else you make a purchase.

Do you remember feeling hesitant about your purchase because the salesperson was not knowledgeable? As a sales professional, you must always keep in mind that your primary goal is to be a product expert capable of making sure your customer feels confident in you and the product. One of the best ways to do this efficiently is to know your product inside and out.

Depending on the type of product(s) you are selling, there might be a lot of information to take in. Even though you may be excited about the idea of getting out there and mingling with customers, you need to take the time to understand the product fully before speaking with any customers. You will not be doing yourself or your customers any favors if you skip this important step in the sales process.

After all, how can you hope to help guide a customer through the purchasing decision if you are not even sure what the capabilities of the product are or how a particular product can meet the needs of a specific customer?

Learning your product takes many forms. It could be reading literature about the product or using it personally to become more acquainted with product features and benefits.

Like learning your customers, this is a critical step that you must accomplish before ever sitting down to deal with a potential client. If you fail to complete this step in its entirety, you risk your own credibility and perhaps, more importantly, the chances of closing the sale are very slim. Even the worst salespeople in the world sell products sometimes, but only a true sales professional is capable of changing a deal-breaker into a closed sale and a happy customer.

There is a lot more involved in successfully closing a sale; however, a lack of product knowledge puts you at a significant disadvantage in practically every sales situation you encounter.

Checklist for Sales:

  • Know your product inside and out
  • Read our next Sales Notes
  • Close deals

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