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MoBerries Affiliate Partner: the Uberization of the Recruitment Industry

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New problems need innovative solutions: Uber's impact on the recruitment industry

Exploring new paths and finding solutions to problems that no one expects. This mentality was vividly realized by Uber, an American company that has radically transformed the transportation industry. The most common means of transportation of our time do not always enjoy the best reputation. Cabs are expensive, trains are often late, and buses are usually full. In 2009, this all changed, propelled forward by a company that initially, acted as a limousine service but then turned everything on its head. Uber has adapted its business model to the lack of drivers and become one of the most successful Mobility as a Service (MaaS) providers in the world.


The term "Uberization" originates from the business model of Uber, which identifies underutilized assets (drivers) and unites supply and demand via a marketplace. It generally describes platforms that provide services and the transformation of the economy into platform-based business models.

This means that anyone can earn money as a driver, using their private vehicle and without a business license - simply by registering on an app.

Becoming a billion-dollar company in just a few years through an innovative business model - the dream of every start-up. Uber's concept for success was always clearly communicated along the way; anyone can be taken from A to B by a click in the app, and anyone can earn money by taking people from A to B.

Status quo in the recruiting industry

The recruiting industry is facing many challenges. Companies post jobs on countless platforms but offer no real added value for applicants. Billions of dollars are spent on this market without addressing the problem. The problem that recruiting faces is that there are not enough suitable candidates to fill the number of open positions. The following graph shows that the number of job postings is increasing faster than the number of job-seeking candidates. To solve this problem, new ways are needed to activate professionals and find talent.

We will show you how you can start your new business and make a profit from it.

MoBerries Affiliate Partner Program

The recruiting world has changed, even as the impact of the pandemic seems to be lessening, there are many people looking for jobs. We solve this problem by efficiently bringing companies and candidates together and driving uberization forward.

With our new Affiliate Partner Program, we take recruiting to the next level. You can now build your own recruiting business and use your network efficiently - it is simple and easy with the MoBerries application. Anyone who knows people that are looking for a new job can easily earn money with the affiliate program - completely free!

Become an Affiliate Partner!

According to a study, 63% of recruiters say that lack of talent is their biggest problem. That is why we are trying to make recruiters' jobs easier, to improve focus on the relationship with candidates, and to further expand their network.

Recruiters who already have an existing business can expand and simplify it with MoBerries. The affiliate program streamlines all back-office tasks for recruiters and lets them focus on the most important thing - the relationship with the candidate and the network. Back office tasks include maintaining and brokering your network because, with the affiliate program, a recruiter only needs to get their candidates to register on MoBerries. This enables recruiters to generate value even from untapped talent.

What are the benefits of being an affiliate partner?


Recruiting is easier when you're wearing comfy pants. 

– Amy Miller, Senior Recruiter and Blogger at Recruiting in Yoga Pants

Less work and simplified processes. Basically, the affiliate partner only has to get their candidates to register on MoBerries through an invitation link - we take care of the rest. Our AI intelligently matches candidates to suitable jobs and this eliminates the need for recruiters to worry about jobs. On top of that, we have a comprehensive dashboard that makes it easy for affiliates to see processes and candidates at a glance. In this dashboard, it is also possible to recommend candidates for specific jobs and if they are successfully hired, earn a higher payout.   

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