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MoBerries Interview with wetransform (Part 1/2)

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wetransform GmbH was founded in 2015 as a spin-off of Fraunhofer IGD and offers software/cloud solutions that make environmental and geodata accessible and usable. This way, wetransform helps industry and politics in becoming more sustainable and supports effective decisions on the way to implementing the European "Green Deal" - which pursues the goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

Our company is located in Darmstadt, but our multicultural team is spread across several neighboring countries in Germany.

Describe wetransform’s value proposition

We have summarized our values in our team values. These values not only play a major role internally but also help us find the right solutions for happy and satisfied customers. We are also committed to open standards and infrastructures and building them sustainably.

Through open communication, constructive criticism and collaboration on problems and potential solutions, we continuously grow as a team. We simplify complex aspects of our customers' work through creative solutions and make our customers' data more valuable through our platform.

Our goal is to build an organization that integrates personal and professional diversity and fosters collaboration between stakeholders. At wetransform, everyone knows what each member of the team does for our customers.

How would you describe your team mentality?

At wetransform, we are very collaborative. Everyone supports each other and there is cross-functional cooperation in our teams. Everyone is open to constructive criticism and there are no "politics" among our employees. We are a great team, working together to try to advance the company's goals and thus contribute to a more sustainable society.

What does wetransform offer its employees? Are there any special team activities?

We are primarily concerned with creating the framework for collective, personal and professional growth. This includes a close-knit feedback system, but also a very constructive culture of making mistakes. We also let our team share in our success in the form of company shares and team bonuses. The great team chemistry also results from our team activities. Once a month, we get together for a social event: the "Zwangsbiere". The name was created when we needed a team name for a pub quiz and then it stuck. Of course, this is not really compulsory  (Zwang) and you can drink what you want. In the course of the Zwangsbiere we have already done all sorts of things: from bouldering to bowling, from eating asparagus to visiting a beer garden. We also have a longer offsite event once a year. Usually, we rent a big house in a nice area, e.g. in Vorarlberg or the Black Forest.

What makes wetransform a unique employer?

wetransform is unique in its commitment to truly improving access to geospatial and environmental data and thus contributing to society's approach to climate and environmental issues. Additionally, our feedback and team culture is another aspect that makes us attractive and unique as an employer.

What does a workday at wetransform look like? (What kind of work environment? What challenges?)

At the moment, we mostly work remotely from home due to given circumstances. A workday for most of us looks like we work with focus until 11:00. At 11:00 is our Team Daily, which lasts about 10 minutes. After that, there are internal ad hoc meetings on whatever is going on until 12:00. In the afternoon, there are customer meetings, mainly for the employees from the Customer Success/Service team as well as from Sales.

Our current challenges are, for example, to further develop our cloud environment so that it can cope with the very rapidly growing volume of data and access (2020: + 900%). In marketing, the biggest challenge is to modernize our inbound channels, especially the website. This involves marketing a rather complex product in a value- and target group-oriented way via different channels.

For wetransform, what are the main characteristics that are important in a good applicant?

We require applicants to meet certain criteria. What we place particular focus on is the applicant's active and passive communication skills. A creative and analytical way of thinking in order to find new solutions is a great advantage in our company. In addition, the will to develop and change things should be strong. Soft skills such as personal responsibility and self-organization also come into play. Empathy and integrity are attributes that an applicant should have in order to ensure a good working atmosphere for everyone.

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