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MoBerries – The job platform that gives you summarized feedback on your applications!

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Whether you have been looking for a job for some time now or you are fairly new to the job market – The most valuable thing anyone can give you, besides a job, is feedback. By far the most common reason job seekers report having a negative experience during their application process, is that employers simply don’t bother to respond to them.

We at MoBerries know, how important qualitative feedback is to our candidates, which is why we now offer all candidates on our platform insights into the response they received on their applications. 

What the feedback will look like

Every time a company declines your application on MoBerries, they are asked for specific reasons as to why. This includes issues concerning your skills, language abilities, experience, education, location or your application documents directly. Once three companies gave the same reason as to why they declined you for their position, you will be able to see the feedback on your dashboard in your MoBerries profile.

Why the feedback will help you

They say practice makes perfect – however if you practice the wrong things over and over again, you will not see any improvement. We believe that feedback is a crucial element for success, especially when it comes to your job search. With every application you send, we will gather more insights as to why the companies did not like your profile and we will forward the feedback in a summarized form to you.

What should you do with the feedback?

We are very happy to help you improve your profile. Whether this means giving you tips on how to improve your resume or help you up- or reskill. We are closely working together with a number of partners, to make sure that you can improve yourself even further and be the best possible version of yourself. For more information on our cooperations klick here

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