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MoBerries Monetization Feature: Profit from unhired Candidates

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Globalization and increasing digital networking are taking hold of more and more areas of everyday life. This also applies to recruiting, where companies are no longer limited to candidates from a regional environment. Many speak of a "war for talents" that has broken out, as it is by no means getting easier to find suitable employees.

The Monetization feature of MoBerries combines the challenges with the advantages of global networking and enables companies to build up a pool of suitable applicants in the long term. But how exactly does this work in practice?

Companies that are in demand receive a large number of applications. Often there are several applicants who fit the advertised position. However, it is in the nature of things that the position can only be filled once and not every candidate is accepted. But it is also a fact that anyone who made it to the final round and potentially even had several rounds of interviews with the company may well be suitable. In any case, he or she is good enough for the market. The company, on the other hand, has already invested quite a bit of time in the candidate, which you don't get back. This is where the new MoBerries feature comes into play.

How does the Monetization feature work?

Our monetization feature offers companies the ability to recommend non hired candidates to MoBerries. This way, rewards can be collected to lower your hiring costs. Completely free of charge! Additionally, the company itself has the opportunity to build up its own pool of potential candidates in an uncomplicated way. Just because an applicant has not been hired for a particular position does not prevent successful recruitment for future vacancies. Once candidates are in the talent pool, they remain in reach and receive other job suggestions. This keeps candidates active and, in the event of a future application, significantly shortens the recruiting process for all sides.

Monetize candidates and lower your recruitment cost

If the applicant is invited to an interview or even hired by another company via MoBerries, the company that recommended the applicant receives credits. These can be used to reduce future placement costs at MoBerries. The service is not only linked to the recruitment. Of course, the whole process complies with the requirements of DSGVO and GDPR. Companies that are active in employer branding in this way benefit from reduced membership costs. The more active a company is in recruiting and placing candidates, the cheaper the placement fees or the monthly flat rate in the subscription model become. The best case is complete cost neutrality.

Want to know how much money you could save with MoBerries' new monetization feature? Then register now and let one of our experts advise you. We'll be happy to calculate your monetization potential together with you in a short exchange. You can also find more information about our monetization feature in our Help Center.


Changing the way recruiting works

MoBerries' mission is to change the way recruiting works. It is about developing a platform that not only enables the recruiting of employees but also gets companies to use the 360° element of the service to not only make their own employer branding measurable but to monetize it.

Still far from the end

Even though the Talent Pool feature with the credit system is a massive innovation, the journey is still going to continue. True to the motto "only the goal after the goal is the goal", further expansions and features are planned so that more and more companies, but also candidates, can benefit from transparent processes and fair recruiting. For example, in the medium term, it is planned to make affiliate links available to members of MoBerries and thus draw the attention of new job seekers to the platform. What is more credible than getting an invitation from people you know and trust? And those who successfully refer friends and acquaintances even get paid.

Do you have a surplus of applicants and want to monetize them to reduce your future acquisition costs? Or do you want to improve your employer branding quickly and easily by not only telling your applicants that he/she is not a fit but also giving them access to thousands of other jobs? Or are you currently looking for a suitable channel for applicant acquisition? Then test MoBerries now without risk in our success-based pay per hire model.


Are you currently looking for a new job? MoBerries helps you find your next job quickly and easily. Just sign up, upload your resume and get connected with many exciting jobs.


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