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MoBerries Interview with Tipico

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We are Tipico, market leader in online and retail sports-betting products in Germany. Our mission is to amplify the emotions of millions of people experiencing the thrill of sports every day.

Offering the best in sports-betting products, we then ventured into providing online casino games. Our headquarters is now based in our Tipico tower in Malta, the main hub of the iGaming industry. Our other offices can be found across 6 different international locations in Germany, Croatia, Gibraltar, and Colombia and a new expansion project in the USA.

Describe your company's core values in one sentence.

We are One Team, trust drives our collaboration and relationships. We believe in progress, investing in personal and professional growth. We love what we do, we learn every day and always strive to be better.

How would you describe your team mentality?

We want to achieve our mission as one team with integrity and an agile mindset in order to be more innovative. It is about learning and adapting, continuously improving, and being open to new ways of doing things. We are a team of teams, the sharing of ideas is encouraged as we love learning from each other, great ideas are shaped and inspired by other ideas. Playing to different people’s strengths, these different complementary characteristics, create solutions. You can see this come to life at our offices which offer an open-plan space where this collaboration takes place.

What do you offer employees in terms of the employer value proposition? Are there special team activities?

For us, it is all about putting this energy and passion for sports into making Tipico a great place to work. Together as one team – we maximize the thrill of sports, we maximize Spannung! It is all about these Spannung moments, work can give you this feeling of energy and electricity. We seek a personal connection in everything we do, we love what we do. We find ways to maximize this tension, excitement, and suspense in our work and environment, providing the best possible employment experience.

As with everything else, we like to stay ahead – this can also be said with our events. We are a team of teams. Our events bring everyone together from our different specializations for different reasons:

  • Business Updates,
  • Sports Day,
  • CSR day and
  • parties.

We like to have fun together as one team.

We like to stay updated about our different areas of the business. Every day, this helps us to achieve our goals and contribute to the Tipico mission. We love learning from each other - we are one team working together to be better than we were yesterday.

Our passion for sports creates a shared spirit within the team, therefore we have created a special event – The Sports day – a full competitive day together. We never settle for second and we are as strong as our team is – this is what makes us stay on top of the Game.

This passion is also shared for the location. We are committed to enriching our local community by engaging in charity and environmentally friendly initiatives.

Tipico offers different specializations within the business, mainly in your offices in Germany and Malta. What does a typical day look like, working at Tipico?

Every day, you’ll work in a highly collaborative and agile environment with cross-functional team members to create solutions that push us forward. We are a team of teams working together as one, we love learning from each other, great ideas are shaped and inspired by other ideas. Playing to different people’s abilities, skills, and expertise – different complementary characteristics come together to create solutions. This what our teams are known for, this is who we are – 30 different nationalities working together to achieve our mission. Throughout our day, the Interaction and communication with our colleagues is important, we provide a space where we can reinforce our connections. Tipico embodies a challenging environment that allows you to develop and grow to reach your highest professional potential, competing and celebrating each other’s wins is part of our daily pitch.

What are the key characteristics that you look for in an applicant?

Individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in iGaming and developing their potential in our specialized areas of the business.

Within our multicultural and diverse teams, you can find a diversity of profiles with one common passion – for their job.

Tipico sounds like an interesting employer for you? Then let us connect you with the right position at Tipico. Simply upload your CV to MoBerries, complete your profile in a few steps and get matched with the best fitting jobs at Tipico and other major partners – 100% free and transparent.


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