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Uberization: How Modern Technologies Change Recruitment

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Undeniably technology continued to impact the way we work however this phenomenon is not something exclusive to recruitment but rather all industries in which a service is provided. We have come to know this as the “Uberization Effect”.


Definition: To change the market for a service by introducing a different way of buying or using it, especially with advancements in technology thus making an existing task or service easier and more accessible. This can disrupt the existing industry that permanently changes or creates a new industry and market dynamics.

Driving the uberization in recruitment were practitioners adapting to new trends, everything centered around efficiency and being data-driven as a means of staying competitive. This being a result meeting the expectations of the on-demand economy where real-time is everything.

The on-demand economy is defined as the economic activity created by digital marketplaces and technology companies in order to fulfill consumer demand via immediate access to goods and services.

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When polled, 77% of practitioners mentioned evolutions in technology as having a perceived impact on the way they do their job. Approximately 61% indicated more efficient screening of candidates being one the biggest factors for change. While 39% expected further automation of processes ranging from interview scheduling to how they communicate with candidates. This further highlighted the importance of off premise as a result of the work from home trend which quickly moved to being the norm in order to curtail the pandemic.

The expectations laid forth by the on-demand economy are that providers need to be integratable into existing customer stacks in order to provide a seamless off-premise experience tailored to individual business needs.

74% of practitioners disclosed that available integrations into pre-existing legacy systems as being a precursor for buying from an external vendor as it comes with a perceived lack of barriers to adoption.

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