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Which external recruiting method is right for me? MoBerries Virtual Recruiters in comparison

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In 2024, the global and specifically the German labor market is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers, making it increasingly difficult for companies to find and recruit qualified employees.

This report highlights the need for recruiting support in the current labor market and explores common external recruiting options. We will also introduce MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters as an innovative solution that equips companies with the necessary tools to overcome current and future challenges of HR.

Why do companies need recruiting support?

Recruiter shortage

The labor market is highly competitive, and there is a shortage of skilled workers in many industries. According to a study by HR services provider Hays, around 74 percent of German companies had trouble filling vacancies in 2021 due to a lack of qualified professionals. The number of available recruiters has also declined, making it more challenging to find suitable talent. The demand for qualified employees is increasing to ensure companies grow and remain competitive. As more and more companies compete for the same candidates, it is becoming more difficult to find and attract top talent.

Post Covid

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the labor market, resulting in job cuts and a reduction in recruiting activities. Companies have often implemented a "hiring freeze" due to the uncertain situation during the pandemic. This has led to a growing problem of recruiter shortage in Germany, as more and more companies are looking for qualified employees, but there are not enough recruiters available to do the acquisition.

This lack of recruiting resources is putting more and more pressure on the remaining recruiters, who are often already overworked anyway. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find and retain suitable candidates as the labor market becomes more competitive and qualified talent is able to pick and choose employers. Given these recruiting challenges, it is becoming more and more important to resort to more proactive solutions such as active sourcing in order to survive in the job market.

We will introduce you to common external recruiting options and, at the end, show you MoBerries Virtual Recruiter. This innovative solution will equip you for the current, as well as future, challenges of HR.


80% of jobseekers are passively waiting for job offers, while only 20% are actively job hunting (Jobvite). External in-house recruiters are often used in small companies that do not have the resources for an in-house HR department.

There are several options when it comes to finding new employees. One of them is to use a headhunter, an external person who helps companies find highly qualified candidates for specific positions. They often work closely with a company's HR department and go on active searches for talent on social networks, for example. Headhunters have an extensive network of contacts and aim to find the best possible candidates for their clients.

External Inhouse Recruiter

Another option is an external in-house recruiter, a recruiter who is hired by a company to join it for a certain period of time and analyze, optimize or, if necessary, rebuild the recruitment processes. This approach is often used in large companies that need to fill many positions simultaneously or are in an environment where it is difficult to find qualified personnel.

Due to the high costs, companies receive recruiters who can be integrated into the current recruiting process of the company much better than headhunters.

MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters: Flexible Active Sourcing Support at a Fair Price

MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters provide a cost-efficient, filtered selection of candidates that companies can invite directly for an interview.

Automated active sourcing shortens

MoBerries' Virtual Recruiters are a new way to expand or build HR departments. They automatically search for suitable candidates and filter specific profiles on LinkedIn to find and contact perfectly tailored candidates. In the process, the Virtual Recruiters match the requirements of the advertised position and the profiles of the talents. Automated active sourcing ensures that companies receive a cost-efficient, filtered selection of candidates that they can invite directly for an interview. This not only shortens time-to-hire, but also ensures that suitable candidates find your company.

More information

Advantages of Virtual Recruiters over headhunters and external in-house recruiters

Compared to headhunters and external in-house recruiters, MoBerries Virtual Recruiters offer several advantages that companies can use to gain a long-term advantage when searching for qualified candidates. The differences between these three solutions are explained below:

Efficiency and time savings: MoBerries Virtual Recruiters use automation and AI to quickly and effectively find and propose suitable candidates, saving time and resources.

Flexibility: Virtual Recruiters offer flexibility, allowing companies to reinforce their HR department at any time and respond quickly to changing job market realities.

Cost: MoBerries Virtual Recruiters are a cost-efficient alternative to headhunters and external in-house recruiters, offering flexible pricing tailored to the client's needs.

Network: Headhunters have an extensive network of industry contacts, while external in-house recruiters have access to internal resources. Virtual Recruiters function as a layer on top of the LinkedIn database.

Candidate Experience: MoBerries Virtual Recruiters offer an outstanding candidate experience through personalized outreach methods that address each candidate individually and specifically.

Integration into the company: Virtual Recruiters are perfect for augmenting an existing HR department and can be used flexibly to integrate perfectly with the company's recruitment process.

Overall, MoBerries Virtual Recruiter provides an innovative and cost-effective way to help companies find qualified candidates.

If you are interested in proactively reaching out to potential applicants, you can get a free pre-assessment of how many qualified candidates you can reach with a Virtual Recruiter campaign by emailing your job postings to partners@moberries.com or speaking to one of our experts.

Get a free preliminary assessment now!

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