Talent Pooling with MoBerries

  • Refer unhired candidates & help them accelerate their job search
  • Automatically nurture candidates for future engagement
  • Increase your reach by referring candidates to partner companies & hire amongst one and other for free

Your Benefits

MoBerries Benefit

Smart pooling

Simply invite unhired candidates into your talent pool - MoBerries takes care of keeping them active.

MoBerries Benefit

Employer branding

Through referral offer candidates the opportunity to discover jobs within the MoBerries network.

MoBerries Benefit

Save time

Use your MoBerries Talent Pool to refer & monetize candidates you already know.

How it works

  1. On the dashboard of your account, you will find the redirect to the Affiliate App.
  2. In the affiliate app, you can copy your personal referral link.

Integration in rejection emails

Integrate your referral link into your rejection email templates for unhired candidates. For best performance recommended to include the referral link as a hyperlink.

Direct integration into your talent pool

Every candidate who now registers on MoBerries via your link ends up directly in your talent pool. From here, you can access those candidates any time while we keep them active by suggesting further relevant job suggestions from other companies in our network.

Reduce your recruiting costs

When one of your referred candidates is invited for an interview or successfully hired by another company, thanks to our monetization feature, you will receive credits so that you can use them to reduce future recruiting costs on MoBerries.


Use MoBerries in your Applicant Tracking System

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact us via email at am@moberries.com for a sample calculation of potential savings and more information on our Talent Pool feature.