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Candidate selection made easy: MoBerries new Prescreening Features

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In the recruitment process, the posting of a job is usually preceded by the needs analysis and the development of candidate personas. This is an important part of the multifaceted process and has an enormous influence on the candidate search. It is the first point of contact with the candidate and an opportunity for companies to incorporate aspects such as employer branding into their approach.

Ideally, a job posting is followed by a lot of applicants, but often many of these candidates are not suitable. There is a simple solution to this problem.


This process is called Prescreening and makes the candidate search even more efficient. Prescreening means that companies no longer have to laboriously screen out candidates, but instead receive matches that are precisely tailored to their needs. Prescreening on MoBerries is based on the requirements that companies define in their job postings. MoBerries Recruiting System also works with the feedback that applicants and companies leave (the former on their matches, the latter on the incoming applicants) to ensure even more precise matching.

Prescreening is a standard we have successfully used for years to match companies and candidates. From our conversations with clients and our extensive experience in recruiting, we have become aware of a particular problem. It occurs when hiring managers invite candidates for interviews based on their matching knowledge and skills - however, during the interview, it then becomes clear that certain values or views do not match those of the company.

MoBerries has two new features that will prevent this problem in the future.

New Feature – Screening Questions

MoBerries now offers Screening Questions in addition to the intelligent applicant filter. Screening Questions offer companies another way to ask specific questions in the application process. It is now possible to integrate questions into the job posting in order to check the candidate's knowledge or suitability with regard to the company culture. This makes it easier, later on, to select suitable candidates based on their answers and invite these candidates for an interview.

This feature provides companies with indirect interaction with candidates and enables even more accurate filtering of candidates. By doing so, we aim to help companies increase the hiring rate after interviews and save time on unsuccessful interviews.

New Feature – Motivational Note

With a motivational note, MoBerries gives companies another opportunity to match the candidate's values with their own. Candidates are given the opportunity to offer their motivations via a small message at the beginning of the application process. In this way, the company can check whether the candidate represents the same values as its own.

The Motivational Note is meant to give a small insight into the candidate's decision regarding the company and does not constitute a cover letter. Our experience has shown that cover letters are unpopular with candidates, as tailoring a long letter for each application can be time-consuming. Nevertheless, we want to give candidates the opportunity to briefly and concisely disclose their motivations and therefore offer more information to the company.

In times when topics such as diversity, equity, inclusion and green recruiting are becoming increasingly important in the recruiting process, these two features give companies the opportunity to find the right candidates. The Motivational Note and Screening Questions allow companies to match the values they hold with those of candidates. This saves hiring managers from having to invite candidates to an interview who are not a good fit for the company. 

For more information on how to use these new features, check out our Prescreening section in our FAQs.

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