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Candidate success story: Alexander Helmold

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Alexander Helmold has almost 30 years of experience in the IT industry and in customer service. Through MoBerries, Alexander found a new job as a service desk employee at Sparda Bank Berlin at the beginning of this year and tells us here about his experience with MoBerries.

How did you first learn about MoBerries?

Due to my dissatisfaction with my job at the time, I started looking for a new job on major job search engines. On one of these job portals, I was directed to MoBerries for a position I wanted to apply for. The first impression was very appealing and MoBerries gave me the feeling that here the candidate is more than just a number in the database.

How long have you been active on MoBerries and what made you try/use MoBerries?

I registered on MoBerries in January this year and I noticed that the approach to candidates was more direct than on other popular job portals. The big players promise you everything, but only deliver imprecise job offers in the end. In addition, the search for the right job on these platforms is very time-consuming, as there is a huge selection to choose from. MoBerries' approach seemed very direct and did not look like a long back-and-forth, which I was used to from other portals. After I registered on the platform, the support team took care of me directly. The support team at MoBerries helped me to improve my profile and exactly this candidate-oriented service convinced me of MoBerries. MoBerries is going exactly the right way here. Keep it up!

How would you describe the job search with MoBerries?

Short and simple. You could see directly what the job posting was about and the companies quickly made it clear whether there was interest.

I was in a comfortable position as I had a job at the time and was looking for a new one in my free time. Yet I still did not want to sacrifice all of my free time to filter the matching jobs out of hundreds of offers. MoBerries delivered job suggestions that were a direct fit. The job postings on MoBerries were also precise and companies got back to me quickly, which sped up the whole process. All these aspects resulted in the fact that I found a new job at Sparda Bank in a timely manner that met my expectations.

What made the match with Sparda-Bank Berlin so special for you that you decided to apply?

I was very drawn in by the combination of service and IT at Sparda Bank. I have already been able to gain a lot of experience in these two areas throughout my working life. Sparda Bank wants to break new ground in terms of digitizing the industry, and this matched my interests perfectly. I've always liked making IT understandable to customers, which Sparda now enables me to do.

How satisfied were you with the recruiting process and the communication via MoBerries?

I really liked the communication channels and the way MoBerries communicates. I received feedback from MoBerries on any of my concerns in a very quick manner. I also liked the overview that MoBerries gave me of the current application process, as I often couldn't find applications that I had sent on other portals right away, and I quickly lost track of the large number of applications.

I also found the communication with Sparda very pleasant. The atmosphere was very relaxed and respectful. In these aspects, MoBerries and Sparda are very close. In addition, both are united by the mission to digitize old processes. I always had the feeling of operating in a professional environment and MoBerries offered the appropriate solutions to create a good atmosphere for the candidates and the company. 

Would you recommend MoBerries to others? If yes, to who?

I would recommend the platform to my friends, as it has saved me a lot of time and effort. The time invested in MoBerries paid off quickly and felt efficiently used at all times. In summary, I found a suitable job in a very short time, which clearly speaks for MoBerries.

What are your future career goals?

In the strained times of the banking industry, my goals are job safety. I feel very well taken care of at Sparda Bank and would like to stay here until the end of my career. Outside of my professional life, I would like to spend more time on my hobby, sailing.

If you had to sum up MoBerries in 3 words, what would they be? 

Fast, simple, purposeful.

Thank you Alexander, for sharing your experience with us!

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