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Candidate success story: Florian Schiffer

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On MoBerries, new success stories are created every day, in which candidates find suitable career opportunities through our platform. In today's success story, we introduce you to Florian Schiffer. Florian also found his job as Director New Business at unitb consulting through MoBerries. We asked him a few questions about his job search on MoBerries and take you with him.

How did you first learn about MoBerries?

I had early points of contact with MoBerries, I collected the first ones during the time of my start-ups. Even then, I knew what MoBerries was doing to connect job seekers with companies and match them based on certain characteristics. I also had contact with the MoBerries team and thus made the first connections.

How long have you been active on MoBerries, and what made you try/use MoBerries?

Pretty much since the beginning, it's been an awesome concept with the right approach – connecting companies with tailored candidates: inside. Also, we had a similar approach with Absolventa and 1000JB, which made me curious to try MoBerries.

How would you describe the job search process on MoBerries?

It's simple, convenient and efficient because as a candidate you get suitable job proposals displayed directly in your dashboard and can accept or decline them. I have taken advantage of this offer and have been directly alerted to jobs that also match my skills and experience level.

What made the match with unitb so special for you that you decided to apply? Have you heard about unitb previously?

I did not know unitb before searching for the next career opportunity on MoBerries. After a short research, it was a good match because unitb's values matched my needs.

How satisfied were you with the recruiting process and the communication via MoBerries?

I was very satisfied with the process, as it was very easy to keep in touch with the company via Messenger. After the match, it was only a few days before the company got back to me and we were able to talk easily about, for example, finding a date for an interview.

Would you recommend MoBerries to others?

I would definitely recommend it to others. 

What are your future career goals?

I am happy to continue to master this position and your challenges in the future. I would like to dedicate myself to the topic of sustainability and give it more relevance.

If you had to sum up MoBerries in 3 words, what would they be?

Application made easy.

Thank you, Florian, for sharing your story! We wish you a great start at unitb.

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Candidate success story: Florian Schiffer

On MoBerries, new success stories are created every day, in which candidates find suitable career opportunities through our platform. In today's success story ...

cover blog post

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