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From Job Seeker to Sales Manager: Antonio's Success Story with MoBerries

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We are excited to share the inspiring success story of Antonio, who, at the age of 28, found a fulfilling career as a Sales Manager at MoBerries after an extensive job search. He was seeking an exciting challenge that would match his skills and help him grow professionally when he discovered MoBerries, which enabled him to pursue his career goals. In this article, Antonio shares his experience with MoBerries and how it led to his promotion to Sales Manager, showcasing the platform's effectiveness in job placement and professional development.

How did you first learn about MoBerries?

When faced with the challenge of finding career opportunities in Berlin, I turned to a friend for advice. It was then that I learned about MoBerries, a platform that offers a tailored approach to job searching. In this article, I will share my personal account of discovering MoBerries, registering on the platform, and the subsequent journey that led me to my role as a Sales Development Representative, where I have since been promoted to Sales Manager.

How has MoBerries helped you in your job search?

Since registering on the platform, MoBerries has solved a number of problems for me in my job search. Instead of spending hours scraping numerous job portals and writing endless applications, I received job suggestions tailored to my profile. This significantly reduced the effort I had to put into my search. Applying for matching jobs was a breeze, requiring just a few clicks. The feedback provided by companies helped me optimize my profile over time. Overall, MoBerries provided a targeted and effective approach to job searching.

How would you describe the job search on MoBerries?

The job search process on MoBerries was straightforward and efficient, at least from my perspective. I was pleasantly surprised by how the platform provided me with all the basic information about each company and industry I was interested in. The job postings were detailed and comprehensive, leaving no room for confusion or unanswered questions.

One feature that I found particularly useful was the ability to provide feedback for each rejected match. It gave me a sense of being heard and understood. The AI-based algorithm employed by MoBerries took this feedback into account and started suggesting better-suited companies and jobs for me. It felt like the platform was constantly adapting and learning from my preferences, streamlining the job search process even further. This tailored approach to job hunting is a brilliant solution for the modern job market.

What was so special for you that you applied to MoBerries? Had you heard of this company before?

I was simply excited about the platform and wanted to learn more about MoBerries, which ultimately prompted me to take a closer look at the website. I could clearly see that MoBerries offers products that will fundamentally change the way we recruit in the future. As a sales specialist, I was eager to be a part of this and contribute my skills and experience. In addition, the job posting was written in a way that appealed to me directly, which led me to accept the match with MoBerries and thus apply for the job.

How satisfied were you with the recruitment process and communication through MoBerries?

I had a very positive experience with the recruitment process and communication through MoBerries. The platform provided a smooth and efficient way of communicating with potential employers and getting updates on my applications. After accepting a match, I was quickly contacted by MoBerries and had a first interview soon after. The second interview followed shortly, and after that, the process was complete. The communication was clear and professional, which made the whole experience stress-free and enjoyable.

Would you recommend MoBerries?

Yes, based on my personal experience as an applicant, I would definitely recommend MoBerries. The platform not only saves time but also suggests fascinating jobs and companies that are well-matched to the created applicant profile. Compared to many other platforms that promise similar things, MoBerries really delivers on its promises.

Additionally, by providing feedback for each rejected position, you can teach the algorithm which jobs are interesting, making long searches unnecessary and allowing you to concentrate on interesting and suitable job offers. Overall, I highly recommend MoBerries for anyone looking for a more efficient and effective job search experience.

What are your future career goals?

When it comes to my career aspirations, I have set my sights on a long-term goal of leading a company's sales activities while also nurturing and developing young talent. My ultimate ambition is to make significant contributions to MoBerries and help propel the company to the forefront of the recruiting industry. By doing so, I hope to play a key role in creating a success story for MoBerries that will inspire and motivate others.

If you had to sum up MoBerries in 3 words, what would they be?

Authentic, real and innovative.

Thank you, Antonio, for sharing your story!

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