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Candidate success story: Romina Romano

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Today we share with you the success story of Romina Romano. She has been living in Berlin for 5 years and is originally from Caracas, Venezuela.  Romina didn't plan to move to Europe, but through her Italian roots and a lucky coincidence, she is happy to call Berlin her second home. Find out how she found her new job in Europe with the help of MoBerries in the following article.

How did you first find out about MoBerries?

I learned about MoBerries through Ironhack, a tech school. I attended an event they were holding in which Mo Moubarak (co-founder of MoBerries) was participating as a speaker. He was so cool, inspiring and motivating that I was immediately drawn to find out more about MoBerries. As soon as I went online I signed up because at the moment I was completely dissatisfied with my job and wanted to look for a new opportunity. MoBerries seemed like the best place to start. 

How long have you been active on MoBerries and what made you want to try/use?


I was active for a very short time before I got hired at my current job.

I was very scared to get into the whole job hunting scenario because it had been a long time without really knowing what it felt like to go on interviews and through processes. So choosing an option like MoBerries seemed the best thing for me.

How would you describe the job search process on MoBerries?

Smooth: Every time I would get notified about a job match, I would get very excited. Before I landed my current job I did get very close to two opportunities; third’s a charm. 

What made the match with Seven Senders so special for you that you decided to apply, had you heard about Seven Senders before?

I had never heard of Seven Senders until I read the job description, however, I was very intrigued by it, so I didn’t hesitate in going for it. The first approach was from a recruiter and I can honestly say it has been one of the most pleasant and relaxed conversations I’ve ever had. I could totally get a good feeling of the company culture which is a very important aspect for me, so it made me feel very confident and secure in moving forward along the process. Besides that, I also started exploring Europe’s leading delivery platform, Seven Senders, the place I love being a part of today. 

How satisfied were you with the recruiting process and the communication via MoBerries?

I was beyond satisfied. It was so good that it almost felt unreal. Communication with the company was easy and fast. 

Would you recommend MoBerries to others?

Yes, of course! MoBerries is a platform that can help applicants save time and energy through the whole job-hunting process because it really focuses on matching skills with what's highly demanded out there. 

What are your future career goals?

Seven Senders is a great place to learn, grow, challenge myself and meet amazing people, so I’m planning on staying here for some time and evolving into a better person and a better professional. I want to continue being part of Seven Senders’ growth journey across the globe, continue getting inspired by its great people and hopefully inspire them as well.

If you had to sum up MoBerries in 3 words, what would they be?

Fast, precise and pleasant.

Thank you, Romina, for sharing your story! We wish you a great start at Seven Senders.

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