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Candidate interview with Dominik Lohle

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For this edition of our candidate interviews, we spoke to Dominik Lohle. He landed his new job as Analyst at High-Tech Gründerfonds within only a few weeks through the network and told us why he would never have found this position without MoBerries.

What is your background, and what do you currently do for a living?

I studied business and economics in Münster, Osnabrück, Hamburg and Buenos Aires and recently started working as an analyst for software start-ups at the Bonn-based venture capital firm High-Tech Gründerfonds.

How long were you active on the platform and how would you describe the whole matching & recruitment process?

I heard about MoBerries from a friend who is also very interested in the start-up scene. Since I was, after finishing my master’s degree, looking for a suitable job to start my professional life at that time, I quickly registered and looked for opportunities. Altogether I was active for only 4 weeks on the platform and was surprised how many interesting job offers and contacts I could find in this short period of time, which I would not have seen on normal job exchanges.

What makes the match at HTGF so special?

The fact that I am now working at the HTGF can be fully credited to MoBerries because, on the one hand, I did not find the job offer elsewhere and, on the other hand, my background did not perfectly match the applicant profile of HTGF. As a result, I probably would not have applied for the job in the first place.

"By making contact with just one click via MoBerries, HTGF showed me that they found my profile interesting and so one thing led to another."

Tell us 3 interesting things about you

3 interesting things about me:

  • I love to listen to podcasts every single day about different topics such as economics, politics, technology and history.
  • If I do not listen to podcasts I am listening to music, visit concerts and especially music festivals. My Spotify account said that last year I heard 72.000 minutes which is equivalent to 50 full days of music.
  • My favorite part of the world is Latin America and I have been there several times. I love its way of life, culture, cities, landscapes and languages. Here in Germany I enjoy every opportunity to use my Spanish.

What are your goals for the future?

I would like to continue to work in the very dynamic and exciting start-up and venture capital scene, build up a relevant network and thus make small contributions to the way we will live and to the technologies of the future. As a private goal I would like to buy my parents a holiday house in Scandinavia someday.

Sum up MoBerries in 4 words.

Definitely – worth – a – try

Thanks, for sharing your candidate story, Dominik!

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