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Fair Recruiting – Active Engagement for diversity, equity and inclusion

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A world where everyone is treated equally and our cultural differences are taken into account is not necessarily an easily achievable objective. Nevertheless, the focus on diversity, equity and inclusion continues to grow in our society alongside the demands of recruiting. According to a 2021 report by Lever, 50% of recruiters surveyed said they will place more priority on diversity and inclusion (lever.com). This speaks to the growing popularity and a growing willingness of companies to address diversity. In this blog, we will go through some strategies and tools that can make it easier to achieve your DEI goals.

The key to a successful DEI strategy is to understand the 3 pillars on which every business should be built.

Diversity can be used to describe how we deal with differences and similarities in our society. Diversity is defined generally as differences shaped by attributes that are social, cultural, and gendered. It utilizes the potential that these differences offer and values the uniqueness of people.

Equity deals with the individual needs of people. The focus is not on the big picture, but on the individual person and their needs. The goal of equity is to determine the needs and wishes of these individuals, meaning that fair treatment of these individuals is at the core of this approach.

Inclusion acknowledges differences and similarities between people and uses their potential. The goal of inclusion is to incorporate the different perspectives and opinions of this diversity in order to get the best out of it. 

DEI should always be at the center of recruiting because it improves culture, company performance and represents customers better. After all, the values that form diversity, equity and inclusion also form the standard that every company should prioritize and strive for.

DEI in companies – Active engagement for long-term success

We have 44.9 million employed people in Germany out of a population of 83.1 million (Federal Statistical Office). Additionally, there are 21.9 million people with a migration background. To advance DEI, the workplace is the best place. Nevertheless, it is necessary for companies to define and implement their DEI strategies precisely in order to bring about a general social change. One statistic from 2019 shows that Germany lags badly behind in gender diversity, for example. Germany's share of women in academic professions is below the average in other EU countries. Statistics like these show us that countries like Germany, which are supposed to be modern, still have a long way to go when it comes to diversity.

The low percentage of women in academic professions is one of many indicators that show us that a change in the recruiting process and in working life is needed. The first step for companies towards a diverse future is creating a DEI strategy.

DEI-Strategy – The Plan for a Shared Future

The values pursued by a DEI strategy not only ensure closer employee loyalty but also perform better. A report by McKinsey & Company shows a correlation between diversity and business success worldwide in all countries studied. The likelihood of being more profitable than average increases by a full 33% for companies with particularly pronounced ethnic diversity.

Companies need a systematic, business-oriented approach to their DEI strategy, but this also includes bolder measures for integration. It is not that surprising that if you build your company with an DEI-based focus, you will have a team that encompasses a lot of perspectives, and can be more fluid/creative when it comes to problem-solving and operational tasks.

Examples of these measures include:

Increasing diverse representation in leadership roles. According to one study, companies with a high proportion of women are 21% more likely to be successful than average.

Strengthening confidence in the abilities of the staff

Addressing issues such as bullying and harassment and determining appropriate action in a constructive and realistic manner

Include gender-appropriate language in job postings. Statistics show that job postings with gender-neutral wording receive 42% more responses.

To implement a successful DEI strategy in your company, you need suitable candidates who can identify with your company's values.

MoBerries values diversity and inclusion. With MoBerries' new Lever integration, we are also partnering with an applicant management tool that helps companies with their DEI activities.

Lever can help your company identify a potential lack of diversity in the hiring process through advanced analytics and dashboards. In addition, Lever enables companies to implement an unbiased interview process and determine DEI progress through diversity surveys, among other tools.

MoBerries delivers relevant candidates from across the recruiting marketplace. Our Talent Engine filters these candidates and matches them with suitable companies. In doing so, it is also possible for companies to use optional motivational notes to match the candidates' values with their own. This gives companies the opportunity to hire candidates who are DEI-oriented and represent these values.

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