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Skilled worker deficit at the North Pole - How MoBerries helped Santa Claus save Christmas

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Hohoho my dears. I greet you from the deepest North Pole and hope you are enjoying some relaxing days. Today I will tell you the story of how I, Santa Claus saved Christmas last year with the help of MoBerries.

The story begins 4 weeks before the holy feast. Our factories were already running at full speed at that time, as they do every year. Everything was going according to plan, but then one day a flu came around and my many little helpers got sick. This presented me with a huge problem, because I alone would never have managed to wrap the presents in time and load them onto the sleigh.

I tried to hire new helpers, since we are always desperately looking for staff and the shortage of skilled workers - you would not believe it - has also reached  the North Pole. I tried placing  ads via common job boards and portals. But there was a problem, my children. My factory is perfectly adapted to the size of  my little helping elves, so that the little helpers have all the tools they need . The applicants who applied on the job portals were much too big and did not fit through the door. I quickly realized that I  could not reach the right helpers through these channels without burning a lot of money at the same time.

You must  know, in my duty as Santa, I do everything on a volunteer basis and am paid solely with the smiles and laughter of children.

So I was looking for a quick and inexpensive solution. The Easter Bunny then told me about a site he already used himself to fill his professional departments - MoBerries. And so I came across this wonderful site where I could quickly upload my jobs and easily integrate my current applicant management system called ChristmasHR.

After just a few days, I invited the first little helpers to be interviewed  through the Moberries Messenger and it was just perfect. The candidates quickly understood what was at stake and I made it clear to the helpers that it was not about the work they were supposed to do, but about the mission to save Christmas. We were able to quickly come to an agreement and thus together ensure that all the gifts arrived to the children and adults on time.

This year I will use MoBerries again to increase my staff. Thank you MoBerries for helping me save Christmas :) Happy Holidays to you all!  

Your Santa Claus

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