MoBerries' Affiliate Partner Program

Start and scale your own recruitment business and earn up to 22,000€ per year tax-free.

What is an Affiliate Partner?

Whether you are looking to build or scale your recruiting business: Invite job seekers to sign up and discover jobs through MoBerries.

With over 30,000 job openings, we leverage the power of crowdsourcing to match your candidates with suitable jobs.


Your Benefits

MoBerries Benefit

Scale your Business

Refer candidates and get paid for successful placements – simple and easy.

MoBerries Benefit

Focus on the relationships

Focus on engaging your candidates and we take care of finding them jobs.

MoBerries Benefit

Stay on top of things

Oversee the status of all your referred candidates on your dashboard.

All in One solution for Recruiters


Personal dashboard

See all relevant information at a glance such as the status of your candidates and the number of hires.


Targeted recommendations

Refer candidates – our automated matching connects your candidates with suitable jobs in real-time.


Grow your business

See your current earnings and have them easily transferred to your desired account.


The modern way to recruit

Leverage the power of crowdsourcing to start or scale your recruitment business. Join the growing number of Affiliate Partners modernizing the way they work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I earn?

    MoBerries Affiliate Partner Program works on a revenue share basis, which means that the fee for a successful hire will be split between the recruiter and MoBerries. Get up to 50% revenue share for successful placements.

    Please note: You can only request payment for your revenue once the candidate you brought to MoBerries is successfully hired for one of the jobs available on your job section board. For more information, please refer to our Affiliate Guide.

  • What do I have to consider in terms of tax law?

    As a private person, you can register as a small business. Since 2020, small businesses have a tax-free revenue limit of up to 22,000€ annually; you are exempt from sales tax for everything below this threshold.

    Individual contractors must pay Einkommenssteuer depending on their marital status are subject to different tax codes.

    Singles: The threshold is 10,347€ annually

    Married Couples: The threshold is 20,694€ annually

    Depending on the legal form you have chosen, trade tax may also apply. The trade tax allowance is currently 24,500 € per year.

  • Why should a recruiter use our service?

    We give you the opportunity to focus on what you do best — sourcing top-quality candidates in your field of specialty. MoBerries automatically gives your candidates access to over 30,000 jobs. The best part is you have full oversight. Instead of spending time cold calling, negotiating contracts, getting on vendor lists, and collecting fees, you can spend your time sourcing more candidates by working with us.

  • Who can create a recruiter account?

    Every recruiter, agency, and headhunter can apply to join the MoBerries’ Affiliate Partner Program. To maintain the integrity of our platform, MoBerries monitors all recruiter inquiries prior to granting access.

  • How to invite candidates to join the platform?

    After registration, you will receive your personalized invitation URL, which you can share with your candidates or anyone in your immediate network. As soon as the person is registered and reviewed by our QA team, you will be informed about the new profile in your candidate pool.

  • Which companies are you working with?

    We work with large enterprise companies, VC funds and startups. Mainly in Europe.

  • Which kind of positions do you offer?

    We are driven by the mission of being the largest shared talent platform, thus we list all sorts of job positions, ranging across functions and industries, including information technology, management consulting, business development, sales, customer service, accounting, finance, legal, and management.

  • When are payments made?

    We offer our partner companies a 40-day warranty period, meaning that recruiters are being paid within 40 days after their candidate's starting date.