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MoBerries Interview with receeve (Part 1/2)

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receeve is a SaaS fintech start-up that set out to completely disrupt the collections industry using technology. Based in Hamburg, receeve has a remote-first culture and uses different types of agile methodologies with an asynchronous approach to develop the best product for its customers and build a strong organization behind it.

Describe receeves value proposition

We value ownership, honesty, critical thinking, transparency and accountability. At the same time, we strongly believe in mentorship and development. We aren’t afraid of making mistakes. It’s the best way to learn faster and better.


No team wins when information isn't shared and people don't work together.
– Paul (CEO at receeve)

How would you describe your team mentality?

At receeve you experience a fast-paced and dynamic start-up. We value the high degree of diversity in our teams. This is why we decided to operate in a remote-first company setup. It allows us to exhaust the benefit of hiring internationally mainly within the European time zone. We are proud of our teammates that originate from more than 21 different countries and 5 continents! 

We also need to keep ourselves adaptable to new challenges and tasks. receeve’s management relies 100% on its teams. Everyone is expected to make their own decisions and try out new things. This also means that you are entitled to take on a high degree of responsibility but you get support if needed from your supervisor. The management has focussed on building a transparent environment, where you have direct access to our founders. Communication is key! This way everyone has all the information and resources that they need to do an excellent job. 

We are dynamic and live with a sense of urgency to react fast and get things done. Our teams like to set high but achievable targets. We are like-minded people, working hard to drive receeve to its fullest potential.

What does receeve offer its employees? Are there any special team activities?

With all the positive sides of having a remote culture, making sure we create a social environment at receeve becomes a key aspect of being a successful company with good relationships with our coworkers. We organize online team events, which have been proven to be a lot of fun. Either playing games in smaller teams as an after-work activity, having online lunches together or using different platforms for company-wide remote events. Of course, it is a challenge, but there are more possibilities than you think, for getting together to socialize with the people you are working with. Ownership cannot come without trust. And we want you to know the person you are working with, relying on and trusting every day.

What makes receeve unique as an employer?

It’s definitely the flexibility of the working life. At receeve we believe in adapting your work to your life, not your life to the work. So you have the possibility to structure your day in the way you want to. Another unique point is that we have really experienced founders, who give us a lot of guidance, have a strong vision and market knowledge but also give us a lot of autonomy and freedom in our daily work. On top of that, we have a very supportive team mentality. We always support each other so that everyone's success is also the success of the company and the team. 

And there is one important thing we don’t forget about: our private lives! Every one of us has a family, is passionate about sports, arts, travels or whatever else allows us to keep our work-life balance healthy. We embrace flexible schedules and asynchronous work, so each team member is able to structure their day individually.

What does a workday at receeve look like? (What kind of work environment? What challenges?)

We have a great source of insights to this question on inside receeve: Day as an Intern, 10 Questions with series.


At receeve I vowed to remain transparent and open with our team. I want, as described above, people to be passionate about what they do and I want them to care. More importantly, though, I want them to see what we do and understand why.
– Paul (CEO at receeve)

What are receeve’s main characteristics that a good applicant needs to have?

We are striving to set up a diverse team in every aspect. However, a curious and flexible mindset is important to connect with your team colleagues. Thinking outside the box and taking the initiative and ownership to push receeve forward as a company is our key to successful work. Because of our international team and our remote setup, you also need to be able to talk fluently in English and strong communication skills are essential.

Discover receeve Jobs Now!

In the second part of our case study with receeve – which will be released next week – you will learn how exactly MoBerries supports the innovative company in recruiting.

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