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New Year's Resolutions: 8 Tips on how to really keep them

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Another year has passed and many of us are gathering every last drop of motivation and willpower to set some New Year’s resolutions. Based on our own experience however, only little advancements have been made when it comes to really stick to those goals. 

With that being said, we were tired of this circle of non-achievement and thus did some research on how to actually stick to your plans. Here are our top 8 tips on how to keep your New Year’s resolutions: 

1. Be realistic 

Although we would like to tell you that you can achieve everything you want, the best way to actually stick to your plans is to make them realistic. Sure, they should be challenging, but if your resolution is pretty much unattainable it will be a lot harder to put it into practice.

2. Talk about it 

The easiest way to stick to a New Year’s resolution is to share it with someone. If someone else has the same goal as you, you can help each other to stay motivated and not get tempted to quit. Even better: if you are a competitive person, make a bet over who sticks to it longer.
If you do not have a buddy who wants to join your journey, still tell the people around you about it. Now you do not only have the pressure of succeeding that you put on yourself, but also external expectations which might pressure you into fulfilling your goal. 

3. Make an emergency plan 

Although you might not believe it right now, there will come a time where you will feel tempted to give up. Making sure you have a backup plan for these exact moments will definitely come in handy. Call a friend, practice positive thinking, make a mood board that reminds you of your goals or simply lock yourself in your room for a bit. Whatever keeps you from quitting, make an emergency plan beforehand. 

4. Track your process  

As we already mentioned, keeping your resolutions realistic is essential to their success. Breaking the whole resolution into smaller goals with specific dates on when they should be fulfilled will give you a sense of accomplishment every now and then. This will consequently boost your motivation and thus help you to stay on track. 

5. Reward yourself 

By reward, we do not mean to contradict your own resolution and risk overall quitting. Try to think of ways to reward yourself with something unattached to your goal. Go to a spa, make a weekend trip with friends or treat yourself with some new shoes – whatever it is, it should make you feel like this is a special occasion because you achieved something great. 

6. Be specific

To track and reward yourself for progress, it is important to formulate the resolution clear and specific. Numbers and deadlines will help you transform your intentions into definite objectives.

7. 21 days is all it takes 

It is proven that it takes only 21 days for an activity to become a habit, and 6 months for a habit to become part of your personality. Although 6 months might sound like a long time, compared to your whole lifetime it is more than worth it. If you ever struggle with keeping to your resolution, remember how many days have already passed and take it day by day from there. Just always remember what you are working towards. 

8. Use helpful tools and gadgets 

Sometimes a helpful little tool or gadget is exactly what you need to succeed. There is a huge selection of applications that will help you to set up a plan, track your habits and remind you of your upcoming activities. It does not matter if you want to work out or meditate more often, learn a new language or keep up with your current audiobook – the little apps on your smartphone, which accompany you day in day out, could be the key to your success. 

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