Affiliate App Guide

All the facts you need to know before getting started with our Affiliate Partner Program.
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Why become a MoBerries affiliate partner?

We designed the MoBerries affiliate partner program for every recruiter, agency, and headhunter. Whether you want to build or scale your recruiting business, you can enroll in this program. This Program works on a revenue share basis, which means it will split the fee for a successful hire between the recruiter and MoBerries. Get up to 50% revenue share for successful placements.

With over 30,000 job openings, we leverage the power of crowdsourcing to match your candidates with suitable jobs.

Getting started

There are two ways of affiliation
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Direct affiliation

When you invite someone for a particular position and if they got hired. It's a direct affiliation. For this, the affiliate must go to the job page and invite the candidate to a specific job or share the job on social networks.

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Indirect affiliation

A candidate gets hired for another position, other than the one you invited directly. It's an indirect affiliation Indirect affiliates also apply to any match, when you invite the candidate per general invite flow.

Invite a candidate for a specific job

In the Jobs section, you will find all jobs with Pay-Per-Hire positions at MoBerries. Each job card has two buttons: Invite and Share. If you want to invite a candidate for that specific position, click on it, then enter the candidate's first and last name and email address and send. We created an auto template for the email body to help our partners finish the process smoothly.

You can track the invited candidate in the candidate’s section. The invite will be in the PENDING status until the candidate follows the link in the email and activated the account. Once the candidate activates the account, it will turn into ACTIVE status.

Through our Easy Apply feature, candidates can directly apply for the job you have suggested, even before completing their profile on MoBerries. This not only makes the application process easier for your referred candidates but also helps you to more precisely match suitable applicants with relevant jobs.

Please note that you will earn 50% of the PPH fee if the candidate hired for the specific position you have invited.

Invite a candidate via the general invite link

You can also invite candidates just by copying the URL that contains your unique ID. Once the candidates follow the link and activate their accounts, we’ll show those candidates in the candidate section.

Once candidates follow the link and activate their account, we will display those candidates in the candidate section.

Invite a candidate by sharing the job on social media

In the job section, go to the job card. Where you will find the Share button option, click on it and share the particular position on three different social network channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter).

The candidates have to follow the job posting and need to finish the sign-up process. Once they finish the sign-up process, we will display the candidates on your dashboard in the candidate’s section.

*Pay Per Hire jobs are those where the customer, in case of the successful hire on MoBerries, pays the fee based on the career level of the job.

Track your performance

In the application, you’ll find the header which helps you to track your performance. You’ll find the charts on the dashboard and on the analytics page that help you keep track of the performance at different time spans.


The most important KPIs are:

  • Total Revenue: The amount of money you earned in total through MoBerries.
  • Invited: The number of candidates you invited to MoBerries.
  • Active: The number of invited candidates turned into active candidates on MoBerries.
  • In-process: The number of active candidates is in the hiring process right now on MoBerries.
  • Hired: The number of active candidates hired on MoBerries.


You can track your performance as an affiliate from the three charts. They are:

  • Revenue chart
  • Active candidate chart
  • In-Process chart

You can have the overview of the performance in each chart at the following time span:

  • Current month
  • Last month
  • Last quarter
  • Last 6 months


The affiliates earn rewards when the referred candidates are in the hiring process or get hired.
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The affiliate partner will earn this reward per candidate's acceptance in the hiring process.

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Hire Subscription job

The affiliate partner will earn this reward per Subscription job

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Indirect Hire

of the hiring fee that the company pays to MoBerries through indirect affiliation for Pay per Hire job

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Direct Hire

of the hiring fee that company pays to MoBerries through direct affiliation for Pay per Hire job

Payment Request

Please note: You can only request payment for your revenue once the candidate you brought to MoBerries is successfully hired for one of the jobs available on your job section board.

There are two different hiring models on MoBerries:

Pay per Hire

Companies only pay when they hire successfully.

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Companies can hire as many candidates as they need at no additional cost.

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Important: Please note that we are deducting €200 from the percentage reward from the affiliates, as we are giving the Amazon voucher to the candidates.